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Thanks to Singapore being a multi-racial country, the culture and food options are a remarkable melting pot of several different traditions and races. There is so much to do here that travelers are not likely to find any time to feel bored. Apart from sampling exotic bugs and other curious, yet tasty, dishes; the shopping in Singapore is considered akin to shopping in the most posh cities of Europe. Visit a fish Spa and let the garra rufa fish take off the dead skin on your feet. Or dine at the world’s largest observation wheel, The Singapore Flyer, while the whole city is spread out at your feet. Visit the National Orchid Garden, Singapore Botanical Gardens; because what could be better than taking in the heady fragrance of more than 10,000 orchids at once. Visit the Singapore Zoo and stare right into the eyes of a white tiger, from the other side of the cage of course.
Spend a relaxing evening at the Clarke Quay riverside development, which is packed with bars and restaurants, cozy shopping stalls and pumping nightclubs. Perfect for the party animal! For inexpensive souvenir shopping, visit Chinatown; and also get to sample some authentic Chinese cuisine. Another unique attraction, not to be missed at all, is the Singapore Night Safari. Go there to take a glimpse of the nocturnal animal kingdom. A trip to Singapore is not to be missed at all, and with Thai Airways it becomes even more special.



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