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Flights from Delhi to Sydney Must See




In Sydney, you will be spoilt for choice! There are nature hikes you can take part in, or you could go climb a bridge! No joke, and neither is climbing the Harbour Bridge, which takes three hours on an average and you have to harnessed with safety gear, but the view is so worth it. Take a hike on the Blue Mountains, far from the madding crowd. Visit the Opera House, and catch a performance of the latest show. Spend an afternoon wandering through the Museum of Contemporary Art, taking in the interpretative art work surrounding you. If you like to swim or just like the surf kissing your feet, then a must visit would be Bondi Beach. Take a lesson and learn surfing, a favorite pastime and passion in Sydney. Go shopping at Paddington’s Oxford Street, and buy for yourself some exquisite handicrafts. The city also plays to several festivals including the festival of the winds and, of course, the Sydney Festival. All this and more, once you visit this beautiful city.