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By M.L. Parson Svasti Or “Pinto Taolek” ,Citibank Dining Guru

       Those who think that English food cannot suit Thai people’s flavor may have to erase that thought from their memories. Honestly, I am a real English food lover for a long time. I am particularly fond of traditional English food in the pub (A pub in Britain is different from a pub in Thailand. A pub or public house in Britain is a meeting place for the community. Several pubs allow children accompanied by their parents to dine together.)

      In addition, England is currently overwhelmed with new restaurants operated by young-blood English chefs or foreign chefs who migrated into the country since they were young.


      Let’s start with the one-starred Michelin restaurant recently opened in spring 2013. It is located at the center of Birmingham in West Midlands, 2 .30 hours away from London.


      The restaurant is called Adam’s, named after the name of the chef and owner of the restaurant, Adam Stokes, who became a shining star of Birmingham. After 6 months of opening the restaurant, it was successfully accredited one Michelin star. It is the fourth restaurant in Birmingham awarded such an honor star. It is not easy to be awarded the star because food must be delectable, services must be perfectly served and the restaurant must be elegantly decorated.


      Adam’s is a very tiny contemporary fine dining restaurant with only 25 seats. Therefore, reservation should be made prior to visiting the restaurant. The restaurant is ornately and contemporarily decorated with 3D paintings making the corridor looks deeper and comfortable to walk in.

      The food here looks wonderful and exciting because Chef Adam incredibly combines several ingredients to create different flavors and texture with varied dimensions going along each other well. It seems like he is conducting a symphony orchestra.


      The “Tasting 9” course menu consists of 9 courses including small Brown Shrimp poured over by béarnaise. I must say that it is amazingly delectable and full-flavored. The followed dish which really fantasized me is called Sweetbreads. It is not bread but a thymus gland or the pancreas of a sheep. Crispy fried with appealing scent and poured with white onion sauce accompanied with bright white milled pearl barley, it was the most delectable dish that satisfied my appetite.

      Next is Monkfish which looks quite weird. Its head is large with full teeth in its mouth. Its tail has such delicious taste like lobsters and is served with braised and tender Ox Cheek.

       Wood Pigeon is another wonderful dish served with beetroot which suits Thai people. It is not too salty and can beat Hong Kong Pigeon well followed by Scallops, Roasted Cauliflower and Smokes Onion.


      Next was a soft pink lamb without stink. Served with vegetable sauce, it was so flavorsome and not greasy. All dishes are served with a variety of sauces that well suits Thai people’s appetite.

      It’s the time for desserts. Next dish was peach cream sprinkled with crispy flour. It is soft Dark Chocolate with Earl Grey Sponge and Malted Barley. Followed by blackberry and apple fruits which not only fresh but also crispy, soft and creamy fruits were served in one bite.

      I have tried several Michelin Star restaurants but Adam’s is one of the best restaurants I love. It is worth making a way through Birmingham. You will realize how delectable flavors and texture the food is at this restaurant.


      21A Bennett's Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands B2 5QP
      Tel: +44 121 643 3745

      It is well-recognized among Thai people that Chinese food in England is luscious. I normally select Chinese food in very Chinese restaurants. Like when we go abroad, we will visit the restaurants owned by Thai people, not by the other Asian nations. (I once visited the restaurant operated by people other than Thais where omelet was not similar to Thai recipe at all.)
      Everything has exception. Apart from roasted duck at Four Seasons in Queensway where Thai people visiting London must drop by, I highly recommend you to try dumpling at the one starred-Michelin restaurant named Hakkasan.


      Hakkasan is a modern Cantonese restaurant which has such outstanding uniqueness and contemporarily decorated by dark gold and black tone where Fine dining which similar to classy European restaurants is provided for customers. The food is modern and recognized as an evolution of Chinese food. Importantly, the food is delicious and unique.

      The first branch, Hakkasan Hanway Place, was opened in 2001 and accredited Michelin star for 12 years. There is another branch at Mayfair in London and another 12 branches across the world.

      Lunch on that day was fully served with impressively elegant, luscious and modern dumpling menu. I started with Seafood Dumpling Consomme fully stuffed with crab. It was two times larger than my mouth and the soup was sweet and odoriferous.



      Followed by Scallop Shumai and XO Scallop Dumpling, it is cooked from glutinous rice flour stuffed with spicy scallop XO sauce. Another delicious dish was Steamed Crab Meat Siew Long Bun stuffed with crabs and hot soup. Using a spoon to taste the soup first, I took time enjoying its appetite little by little. In addition, Har Gau fully stuffed with shrimps and crunchy Three-Style Mushroom Cheung Fun poured with special soy sauce were served.

      Fried stuff was great. There were Crispy smoked duck and Pumpkin Puff. It is cooked from glutinous rice flour stuffed with smoked duck and formed into a small size of pumpkin making it so lovely to taste. Crispy Duck Roll that tasted like Peking duck, Fried Taro Pear with Chicken accompanied with pear-shaped sesame and crispy-outside-and-creamy-inside Sticky Rice Roll were followed.


     The most exciting thing in Hakkasan is that Cantonese style desserts are not available but Western-style desserts. The best dessert that can beat French is crunchy Chocolate Cherry Bar and fresh Cherry Pate De Fruit with Cherry Sorbet. It arouses my craving while I am writing this article and I want to visit the restaurant again.

     There are plenty of menu items at Hakkasan. You can visit the website for more information. Don’t forget to dress up in Smart Casual when visiting the restaurant.
Hakkasan Hanway Place


      Hakkasan Hanway Place
      8 Hanway Place London W1T 1HD
       +44 (0) 207 927 7000



      There is a large traditional Chinese restaurant in Marylebone fully packed with round tables evoking a feeling of Hong Kong restaurant. It is a popular restaurant among English and Asian people. Specially, it is the selected place for Thais who live there to welcome their guests from Thailand.


      Menu items served on the table include crispy Soft Shell Crab with Fresh Salad put on top of each other and nearly overflowing the plate. Then it was followed by my favorite dish Fresh Lobster with Ginger & Scallion and gummy Sauteed Monk Fish Fillet that tasted like lobsters fried with Chinese Broccoli.


      In addition, palatable Sweet & Sour King Prawn, Crispy Squid with Chilli filled with scented Garlic & Peppercorn Salt and a big plate of Seafood Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf Wrap were served.



      5 Glentworth Street, London NW1 5PG
      Tel: +44 20 7486 3515



      What’s more, I proudly present our over-ten-year favorite restaurant regularly visited by M.R. Thanadsri for his lunch. The restaurant is quite far away so those who want to visit there must have vehicles (60 km. away from London). It is located at a small village called Sonning on Thames near Reading.

      It is a luxury restaurant and inn opened over 200 years ago. In the past, it was a Coaching Inn where French Horn travellers could rest in. The restaurant is situated near the Thames River where it is just as narrow as Bangkok Noi Canal. Those who come with girlfriends may take this special chance to propose marriage. I ensure that they will not hesitate to accept your proposals because the atmosphere is really romantic to do so.



      Arriving at there, we were escorted by a smart staff to a living room. We ordered some stuff to build up our appetites. In front of a fireplace stood four roasted ducks sucked on steel poles, slowly rotated. We suddenly realized that the four ducks on the steel pole slowly rotating around themselves were our wonderful dish that is called Spit Roasted Duck on French Fire.

      After taking time drinking, we moved to the glassed dining room with Thames River view (It is better to call Thames Canal) and garden view. Lunch time was normally full with customers. All of them dressed up in well-cut suits.




      All food at French Horn is so great. You can select any of them to suit your flavor. Most importantly,  what I never miss for every trip to England is Half a Spit Roasted Duck served with an Apple Sauce, Dry Sage seasoning and a Rich Duck Sauce accompanied with baked potatoes, mushrooms and vegetables.  Another recommended dish for meat lovers is Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steak. It came in a thick piece with layers of fat around its edge that you will ask for more. After visiting this restaurant, you may boast for your whole life that you once have tried the most delicious food on the British Islands.


      The French Horn, Sonning on Thames,
      Berkshire, RG4 6TN
      Tel: +44 (0) 118 969 2204


      There are several delectable food in England that I have not had mentioned about. These are afternoon tea, fish & chips, which is a symbol of England, tender roasted beef and Sunday Roast. You are more than welcome to visit and hunt for amazing food. I believe that you will love English food.


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