Something Little Yangon

Something Little Yangon

Nowadays, Yangon is renowned specifically for the enriching experience of its scenic temples and blessings, wishing for fortune or even for love. But actually, Yangon is one of the next top shopping destinations especially for crafts and hand-made articles. With a unique style of shopping experiences that you can see along the streets all over Yangon, it’s a cool destination that you shouldn’t miss!


Bogoyke Aung San Market (Scott Market)

Bogoyke Aung San Market or Scott Market is always bustling with locals and tourists as it is the center for Burmese shopping (especially for Yangon people). There is a variety type of products in the market such as antique Burmese handicrafts, jewelry shops, art galleries and clothing stores. The market is built in a colonial style that lends itself to great photographic opportunities.

Street Market and Night Market

Other attractions that charm visitors, unique to the style of Myanmar, is the mobile street food vendors that tourists can find everywhere. Tourists can also discover many stunning local products that reflect the lifestyle of Myanmar from over 100 years ago.

Banana Market at 17th Street and Bagayar Pier

Banana Market at 17th Street and Bagayar Pier is always crowded with people and of course ‘bananas’. The market is filled with larges bunches of bananas on both sides of the street. Although bananas are simple and plain they take on a different sight when so many tons come together presenting great photo opportunities.

Chinatown at 19th Street

Chinatown on 19th Street is one of the coolest shopping and hang out spots in Yangon. It’s not as crowded as the Chinatown in Thailand but still offers a large number of shops, restaurants and bars, many serving barbecue food. This is the place that you should not miss out on for an enjoyable trip to enjoy the nightlife with friends. This street also has many stalls selling fruit and vegetables from the northern region of Myanmar.

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