Reference is made to the incorrect fare and erroneous distribution for ticket issued in Business class fare for sector Bangkok - Stockholm v.v. on 18-19 December 2019.

31 December 2019

We apologize for this unforeseen incident and due to the incorrect fare, we sincerely regret acceptance of these issued tickets. The ticket at the price that was purchased is not valid for travel with reference to email sent to you on December 26, 2019. However, in this regard, we would like to advise as follows:

1.  We have generated an email to passengers who purchased this fare to be able to   process a full refund amount at THAI Airways offices worldwide, THAI Airways representative worldwide, THAI contact center, your online travel agent or your selling agent. Reference email December 26, 2019.
2.  If we do not receive any contact from you by January 2, 2020 17:00 Bangkok local time, your bookings and tickets will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund amount. Reference email December 26, 2019.
3. TG will reimburse you for any reasonable, actual, and verifiable out-of-pocket expenses that were made in reliance upon the purchase of an incorrect fare ticket, in addition to refunding the purchased price of the ticket. These expenses include, but are not limited to, non-refundable hotel reservation, destination tour packages or activities, cancellation fees for non-refundable connecting air travel and visa, or other international fees with proof of actual cost from provided evidence ( i.e. receipts or proof of cancellation), which incurred during December 18-26, 2019 Bangkok local time
If you have any inquiry upon reimbursement, please contact us at Email:
4.  Alternatively, if you wish to retain travelling for your flight to the same destination with same date of travel and same name as appeared on the first purchased ticket and in order to receive a special offer on Business and Economy class fare, kindly contact us at THAI Airways offices worldwide or THAI contact center at +6623561111 or Email : This offer shall be considered as a new booking.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.