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Flash Fare Promotion

Terms & Conditions for booking


Thailand : Bangkok / Chieng Mai / Phuket / Krabi

Asia        : Ho Chi Minh / Hanoi / Phnom Penh /  Guangzhou / Hong Kong /

                 Shanghai / Beijing / Kuala Lumpur / Seoul / Tokyo / Osaka /

                 Fukuoka / Nagoya / Sapporo / Dubai / Tehran / Delhi / Mumbai /

                 Columbo / Karachi

Europe    : London / Paris / Zurich / Brussels / Copenhagen / Frankfurt /

                  Milan / Moscow / Munich / Oslo / Rome / Stockholm

Ticketing Period
01 August 2016 - 07 August 2016
Departure Period

01 August 2016 - 19 December 2016

31 December 2016 - 30 June 2017

Blackout Period
20 December 2016 - 30 December 2016
Seasonality NIL
1 stopover in BKK at TG en route for each direction.
Ticket Validity

Minimum  5 days

Maximum 2 months

Child Ticket Children aged 2-11 years - pay adult full fare.
Unaccompanied minors are not permitted at these fares.
Infant Ticket

Infants under 2 years old of age - pay adult full fare.

Reservation Change

No Show Fee NZD 200

Reservation Change : Change flight / Date / Booking class must be made before ticket expiration.

Changing date before departure :

Flight date change within ticket validity with same booking class / same seasonality is permitted via revalidation FOC except : if changing date on first outbound sector from original booking to earlier departure charge NZD 200 / same booking class / same seasonality and any additional fare / taxes / surcharges. 

Extra fare collection applies if different booking class and different seasonality. 

Changing date after departure :

Permitted with charge of NZD 200 / same booking class / same seasonality and additional fare / taxes / surcharges collection if different booking class and different seasonality.


Please contact Thai Airways at : for more information.

Rerouting : NOT Permitted
Change to higher fare :

Ticket must be reissued collect additional fare / taxes / surcharges with a charge of NZD 200

Additional ticket reissurance fee of NZD 50 applies if performed by TG on agents behalf.

Refund / Cancellation :

Totally unused ticket :   Permitted with a charge at 50% of the fare.

Partially used ticket :     Non-refundable

Royal Orchid Plus Frequent Flyer

W and V class – 25% ROP mileage accrual applies.
J , Q and H class – Full ROP miles accrual applies.

Other Terms and Conditions

Capacity Limitations - The carrier shall limit the number of passengers carried on any one flight at the fares governed by this rule and such fares will not necessarily be available on all flights. 


The number of seats which the carrier shall make available on all flights:  The number of seats which the carrier shall make available on a given flight may vary and will be determined by the carrier's best judgement.

THAI reserves the right to change fares and conditions without   prior notice.

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