Tickets by Travel Agent

  • Tickets by Travel Agent
  • In oder to protect the rights of passengers who purchase tickets through travel agents, and to avoid unwanted disputes, you need to check the ticket purchase conditions, such as change of date, reissue and refund fedds, width your travel agent prior to payment. All passengers who have paid for air tickets are regarded as veing aware of and in agreement with the purchase conditions. Please note that Thai Airways can't intervene in any disputes which may arise.
Where can i request a seat assignment?
  • - You can request a seat assignment for Thai Airways' service routes through all the reservation systems of the travel agents.
  •   All travel agents can request seat assignment in the same way as Thai Airways. Even if you contact us, Thai Airways cannot help you with the blocked seats that
  •   the travel agents can't assign, such as those next to the emergency exit or the seats in the very first row.
Change of reservation
  • - When you want to request a change in your reservation, especially a change of the departure date, please contact your travel agent.
  • - If you made a reservation through an overseas travel agent and you are now back in Korea, it may be hard to call them. In that case, you may contact a Thai Airways
  •   office for assistance and we will help you to change your reservation.
My reservation doesn't appear when i click on , Check Your Booking'
  • - We're sorry. Reservations that were made through travel agents can't be checked through 'Check Your Booking' on the Thai Airways website. For your information,
  •   Thai Airways doesn't necessarily require reconfirmation except for flights to/from India.
Duplicate reservations are prohibited
  • - Passengers sometimes book through many travel agents due to wait listed segments or in order to find a better price. The airline may cancel duplicate reservations, so
  •   please make a reservation through only one travel agent.
  •  - Whether or not you have already departed from Korea, you need to contact the travel agent where you purchased your ticket to request a refund. Besides the service
  •   fees that Thai Airways will charge, there may be additional service fees charged by your travel agent.
  • - When you purchase a ticket, you need to discuss the refund policy with your travel agent in advance. Thai Airways cannot intervene in any disputes arising between
  •   travel agents and passengers.