Resume Incheon-Bangkok route and Precautions

entry requirements to thailand & transfr at bangkok airport


(FROM 01 may 2022)




Requirement document for Thailand entry


1.Round trip flight ticket (Exception: Thai nationals and Thailand visa holder)


2.THAILAND PASS and visa (visa required in case staying more than 30 days in Thailand)

(  Thailand Pass application website :   )


3.English certificate of completion of Coivd-19 vaccination

(Exception: under 12 years old children / Unaccompanied children are not allowed to travel)


4.English travel insurance certificate – Guaranteed over USD10,000 for COVID-19 during travel period

(Except for Thai nationals)



Transfer to Thailand Domestic flight at Bangkok airport


 Passenger departing from Korea can be directly connected from Bangkok Airport to Thai Smile Air Thailand domestic flights (Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai).


* Domestic destinatin to Chiang Rai (CEI) cannot be directly connected to Thailand's domestic flights by Thai Smile Airlines until the end of May.

* Passenger who has  THAILAND PASS subject to quarantine(AQ) in Thailand cannot transfer from international flight to domestic flights in same day.


Transfer to International flight at Bangkok airport


Required document for International flight transfer at Bangkok airport


1. English travel insurance certificate – Guaranteed over USD10,000 for COVID-19 that valid in Thailand for whole journey.


2. The entry documents required by the final destination country must be confirmed by the respective country's embassy.


Transfer procedure in Bangkok airport

1. Passenger must transfer within 24 hours of arrival at Bangkok Airport

2. Waiting at a designated area in Bangkok Airport

3. Observe quarantine rules such as wearing a mask while waiting for trnsfer


** Caution **

1. Transfer to India - Depending on the country where the vaccine certificate is issued, there are countries that require a negative confirmation of COVID-19 in English for the RT-PCR test (including Korea, a negative PCR result is required instead of a vaccine certificate issued by Korea when entering India) Please check it through the embassy in advance.


2. Transfer to India – Passenger must fill out SELF-DECLARATION FORM in advance at (  https://www.newdelhiairport./airsuvidha/apho-registration  ) and round trip ticket may be required depend on case. Please check it through the embassy in advance.


3. List of LCC airlines which can’t transfer to international flight at Bangkok Airport (LCC airlines other than the listed airlines may not be able to connect with other airlines.)

INDIGO AIRLINE (6E) – (Need Special Caution)










When entering Korea, you must present certificate of COVID-19 RT-PCT test negative confirmation.

(As of April 26, when entering Korea, a negative confirmation certificate issued by inspection within 48 hours from the departure date is required)

Vaccination valid for entry into Korea is within 180 days from the date of completion of vaccination, If the validity period has been exceeded, it may be subject to quarantine.


The above reference materials are updated according to the notice of the relevant government agency,

Please note that it may change in real time depending on the spread of COVID-19 and government guidelines.