Please kindly be informed TG629/TG628 flight will be suspended from 28OCT 2018.

Passenger who has THAI ticket to travel Hong Kong or Bangkok with TG629/TG628 flight from 28OCT’18:


Please contact your travel agent or THAI office for refund or endorsement to other airline.


News & Announcements

THAI adjusts International Winter Schedule 2015/2016"

            Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) adjusts winter 2015/2016 international schedule for THAI and THAI Smile.

            Mr. Charamporn Jotikasthira, THAI President, said THAI proposed the following Winter 2015/2016 schedule change to the THAI Board of Directors on 20 July 2015 on THAI and THAI Smile operations:

1. Increased flight frequencies, effective from 25 October 2015

Bangkok-London route v.v. from seven flights per week (one flight daily) to 14 flights per week (two flights daily), operating with the Airbus 380-800 aircraft and Boeing 777-300ER

Bangkok-Frankfurt route v.v. from seven flights per week (one flight daily) to 14 flights per week (two flights daily), operating with the Airbus 380-800 aircraft and Boeing 777-300ER

2. Temporarily suspended routes and decreased flight frequencies, effective from 25 October 2015

Suspend Bangkok-Seoul-Los Angeles route v.v. (four flights per week)

Suspend Bangkok-Rome route v.v. (four flights per week)

Decrease Bangkok-Kolkata route v.v. from ten flights per week to one flight per day

3. Transfer of some regional routes to THAI Smile, operating with smaller aircraft for better efficiency and cost effectiveness

THAI Smile to operate the Bangkok-Hyderabad, Bangkok-Luang Prabang, and Bangkok-Changsha routes once THAI Smile receives permission from the respective aviation authorities to operate to these destinations.  Furthermore, the change in aircraft type will have no impact to passengers who have already made reservations. Passengers may continue to book flights and make reservations as per normal channels.

             Clarification on THAI flight schedule adjustments:

1. The flight adjustments are part of the Company’s Transformation Plan to reduce losses by reducing operating costs, improving sales structure, and generating revenue.  There are currently 50 routes that are operating at a loss and/or have less potential in profitability.  According to the Transformation Plan there is a goal to reduce approximately 10 percent more from the total production.  However, the adjustments at this time are only five percent since some routes are already showing recovery.

2. THAI has thoroughly and carefully considered the suspension of routes using various criteria such as operating results of the past 10 years, market environment and competition, potential for development, connecting passengers, and other factors.  As a result of these criteria, it was found that the routes selected for suspension did not meet any of the criteria.

3. The suspended routes are on temporary basis, which the Company will review again after a period of time operating under the Transformation Plan.  Once THAI has strengthened and is confident in the competitiveness of the destination, THAI will resume these flights, similar to the resumption of the double daily operations between Bangkok-London route and the Bangkok-Frankfurt route.

4. For the Bangkok-Rome route, passengers will continue to receive convenient service through THAI’s planned operation from Bangkok-Munich/Frankfurt/Brussels and connecting to partner airline to Rome.  For the return flight from Zurich/Frankfurt/Munich to Bangkok, THAI will operate with the Airbus 380-300, and Boeing 777-300ER, the new aircraft has many passenger comforts, including convenience in connecting time in Bangkok, compare to the flight change in the middle of the night at a Middle East airport.

             THAI apologizes for any inconvenience to passengers who have reservations on the adjusted routes.  THAI has a plan in place to avoid disruptions as much as possible for passengers such as a change of flights to partner airlines.  For passengers who prefer to receive a full refund of the unused ticket, passengers may contact the THAI Contact Center at 02-356-1111.


28 July 2015


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