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 22 June 2015
Subject:  THAI implements the MERS Virus preventive measures to Boost Passenger Confidence

            Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) announced that it implemented preventive regarding the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in order to boost THAI customers’ confidence.
            Mr.Charamporn Jotikasthira, THAI President, revealed that due to news about the MERS virus outbreak and THAI flights within the affected areas, the Company decided to release prevention measures with consideration to the aircraft service and staff safety in the an effort to boost passenger confidence. The Company’s preventive MERS are as follows:
1. Screen passengers and ground customer services measure: monitor passengers before check-in and in some cases maybe to present a doctor’s letter of health certification.
2. Service on board measure: monitor passengers during the flight.
3. Prepare the aircraft and sterilization measure: antibacterial solution inside the aircraft while the aircraft is parked at the airport.
4. Aircraft cleaning measure: deep clean and disinfect 36 touch points in the passenger cabin.
5. Preventive and safeguard measure regarding staff sanitation: carry personal protective equipment on board and educate staff about preventive health care.
6. Commercial mail and cargo measure: check containers and prevent deliver of suspected goods.
7. Dietary measure: select raw materials, use clean meal preparation methods and avoid risks of infection.
            Furthermore, THAI implemented these prevention measures ever since the SARS outbreak in 2003, H5N1 in 2014, and Ebola whereby these measure received recognition by the World Health Organization (WHO).
However, THAI collaborating with the Ministry of the Public Health to closely monitor the situation and other measures that have been implemented by the Ministry of Public Health.

19 June 2015
Subject:  THAI Waives Rescheduling Fees Due to MERS Outbreak  
            Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) implemented a rescheduling fee waiver in order to accommodate customers who are unable to travel due to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak, whereby the waiver is effective now until 31 July 2015.
            Mr. Wiwat Piyawiroj, THAI Vice President of Sales and Distribution, Thailand and Indochina, said that due to the MERS outbreak in some countries, THAI waived the rescheduling fee due to concern for customer safety and convenience. The fee has been waived for changes to flights and routing of THAI tickets booked roundtrip from Bangkok to Seoul and Bangkok to Busan. This also covers domestic flights issued prior to 8 June 2015 for travel destined for Seoul and Busan, initially intended for travel now until 31 July 2015. The tickets must have been booked by a THAI ticketing office, THAI ticket agent, or through, details as follows:
1. Rescheduling date of travel
 -  The fee for changing the date of travel may be waived one time only on the route specified on the ticket, whereby travel must commence before 31 July 2015.
2. Re-routing flight
 -  The fee for re-routing travel may be waived one time only, whereby routing may be changed to a destination within Asia (except not Sapporo). Travel must commence before 31 July 2015. Tax and fare differences will be paid by passengers.
           Ticket rescheduling must be conducted under the established conditions and tickets need to be rescheduled before the expiry date. For further information, such as taxes, fare differences, and flight schedule information that can be found on, customers can contact the THAI Contact Center at Tel. 02-356-1111.


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