Tokyo, Beauty in Diversity

Tokyo, Beauty in Diversity

If there is one word that could perfectly define Tokyo, that word would be “diversity”. Street lights at night in Shinjuku, the buzzing crowd in Shibuya, haute couture fashion in Ginza and Omotesando, electronic products in Akihabara, hectic mornings at the Tsukiji fish market – all of these can perfectly define Tokyo, the city where differences can exist together in harmony. Tokyo is the city where traditional values are still highly revered, but people are also ready to embrace technologies and everything new. This might be the key to Tokyo’s eternal charm.


If you want to get to know every aspect of Tokyo, defining a theme for each day might be a great plan. For the cultural day, you can visit the Tsukiji Market where you can enjoy watching the fish auction, the Asakusa Temple and the Art Triangle Roppongi. For a shopping day, head to Shibuya, followed by Harajuku and Aoyama. Sparing more days in Tokyo is recommended if you want to experience every facet of the city.


Daiwa Sushi, Train: Tsukijishijo (Exit A2)


This famous sushi eatery of Tsukiji Market has never disappointed visitors who spend hours queuing.

Tonki, Meguro: West Exit


This shop is always packed, even though it serves only one dish. Still, you won’t find a more excellent place to try pork cutlets.

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