Flight information To/From Frankfurt on 15 January 2019

13 January 2019

With regards to the announcement from the Royal Thai Consulate-General that Frankfurt International Airport has announced that the airport security officer has scheduled a industi actions (strike) on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 from 02.00 hrs. 20.00 hrs. Which will result in the cancellation of many flights during this period because the airport has to close all passenger security screening checkpoints and hand luggage.

In this regard, the Royal Thai Consulate-General, therefore recommends that Thai people who are scheduled to travel through the above airports on that day and time, please kindly check the status of your flights from airlines or tour operators. As well as requesting advice if the flight to be canceled and needing to change your flight or not?

However, you can check the progress of such situations whether there is any change or not via website of Frankfurt Int’l Airport. https://www.frankfurt-airport.com/en.html

THAI would like remind all passengers traveling to and from Frankfurt International Airport to check their flights on 15 January 2019 through THAI Contact Center 02-356-1111 or thaiairways.com