With effective from 3rd May 2018 onwards, TG349/TG350 will operate to/from New Islamabad Intl Airport instead of Benazi Bhutto Intl Airport.Information for new airport

Information for new airport
- Approximate 50 KM from town
- Approximate 30 KM from Benazi Bhutto Intl Airport
- Thai Airways operates at zone 4
- Check-in at 3rd Floor
- Departure lounge at 2nd Floor

For additional information or queries please contact our local office in Islamabad at phone number (92 51) 227 0090  Office Hours: Mon - Sat, 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. (except public holiday)


Excess Charges for Sport Special Baggage

The following items verified as special baggage are sporting equipment such as bicycle, bowling, fishing, golfing, snow/water skiing, scuba diving and surfboard/windsurf, pet as checked baggage, sporting firearms, weapons firearms ammunition and musical instrument.

A : On TG Operating flights only including TG2000-2999 and TG connecting with TG Flights only will apply new Flat Rates for a through-check portion as follows :

Note :

  • 1.Flat Rate of Sport/Special Baggage is not applicable to purely domestic checked portion within Thailand. Exception: If Sport/Special baggage is through check from TG Domestic in connecting with TG International sectors, then the Flat Rate can be applied.

  • 2. If charge of Sport/Special Baggage for purely domestic checked portion is required, the Domestic Excess Baggage Charge Table by zoning in Thai Baht (THB) shall be used.

Click here for "Excess Baggage Charge for Sport Special Baggage (Weight Concept & Piece Concept" which was effective on/ before 31 August 2018

Weight Concept

Effective on/ after 01 September 2018 :

  • • Wholly within TC3 : USD 100/Unit
       Example : one Golf  set for the below through-checked  portions will be :
       BKK – TG- HKG : charge USD 100/Unit
       TYO – TG –x/BKK – TG- HKT: charge USD 100/Unit

  • Between TC2 and  TC3 : USD 150/Unit
       Exception: Between Middle East Area and TC3 : USD 100/unit
       Example : One Golf set for the below through-checked  portions will be
       BKK – TG – FRA : charge USD 150/Unit
       SYD- TG- x/BKK – TG-FRA : charge  USD 150/Unit

Piece Concept

Effective on/ after 01 September 2018

• To/From USA/Canada) : USD 150 /Unit

   Example : One Golf set for the below through-checked portions will be :
   BKK –TG- LAX or BKK-TG-x/SEL-TG-LAX : charge USD150/ Unit

Note : The above flat rates will be applied for all Sporting Equipment at a charge per unit except :

  • 1. Surfboard/Windsurf
        - A board (up to 2m in length) :  charge 1 Unit rate
        - A board (exceeding 2m in length) : charge 2 Unit rate

  • 2. Portable Musical Instrument
        - An instrument (up to 1m in length) : charge 1 Unit rate

  • 3. Pet as checked baggage (AVIH)
       Pet and container weight - Up to 10 kg : charge 2 Unit rate 

  •    - Up to 20 kg : charge 3 Unit rate 

  •    - Up to 30 Kg : charge 4 Unit rate 

  •    - Up to 40 kg : charge 5 Unit rate

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