Use of Electric Device

With power outlets on board, nothing can stop your work time even you are on long flight. Please check available power outlets information as below;

Airbus & Boeing


- A330-300 Cabin Version: 3302
PC power outlet (15 VDC) (available only economy class)

- A330-300 Cabin Version: 3303
PC power outlet,110 VAC

- A330-300 Cabin Version: 3304
PC power outlet, 110 VAC

- A380-800 Facilities Cabin Version: 3801
PC power outlet, 110 VAC


- 747-400_7445        
PC power outlet, 110 VAC

- 777-200_7724        
PC power outlet, 110 VAC

- 777-200ER_77E1    
PC power outlet, 110 VAC

- 777-300_7732
PC power outlet, 110 VAC

- 777-300ER_77B1
PC power outlet, 110 VAC

- 787-8_7871
PC power outlet, 110 VAC

Power outlets are not available on cabins as below;


-    A320-200 Cabin Version: 3201

-    A320-200 Cabin Version: 3202

-    A320-200 Cabin Version: 3203

-    A320-200 Cabin Version: 3204


-    737-400 Cabin Version: 7341

For your safety, Please follow these rules

1. Prohibited Device on board
at all time for your safety, portable electronic devices such as radio transmitters, walkie-talkies, portable radio-controlled toys, radio, television receiver, citizen band radio, pagers, electronic toys and wireless devices (mouse, Bluetooth, etc), must be switched off once and  shall not be used on board during the entire flight.
2.Acceptable Device on board
During flight  device which do not emit radio signals include portable video equipment, laptops or portable pcs without printers, cassettes/CD/DVD/Mini disc/ MP3 ( use with headphones only), electronic games, electronic calculators and electronic shavers may only used 15 minute after takeoff until the seat belt sign is switch on again before landing. Flight mode capable mobile and portable digital assistants (PDAS), can be used in the same flight phase as the device above when in “flight mode”.  However, use of any portable device suspected of interfering with flight operation shall be prohibited
3. Acceptable Device on board for entire flight
Hearing aids, heart pacemakers, electronic watches and authorized in flight equipment are allowed during the flight.