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    Additional Services

    Preferred Seat

    Preferred Seats

    Reserve Preferred Seats

    Preferred Seats in Economy Class are located at the cabin's front rows and in the emergency exit rows. These seats offer extra legroom for additional comfort. Once tickets have been issued, passengers can now opt for a preferred seat prior to departure for a fee, which is based on distance flown and flight duration.

    As part of the same facility, Business Class passengers also have the option of selecting Royal First Class seats for a fee on flights where a two cabin configuration in operation. This applies to a few regional routes serviced with Boeing 747 aircraft, which have a separate Royal First cabin but are not sold as such, including Bangkok to Delhi, Denpasar (Bali) and Mumbai.

    For an even smoother experience, purchase your Preferred Seats online here , via THAI Contact Center (+66) 02-356-1111 or by contacting the local Reservations Office,
    at least 48 hours before flight departure.  Additionally, Preferred Seats can be purchased at the airport check-in counter and on board.

    Preferred Seats fees* for Economy Class passengers

    To Zone 1
    To Zone 2
    To Zone 3
    To Zone 4
    To Zone 5
    From Bangkok
    USD 15
    THB 480
    USD 30
    THB 960
    USD 50
    THB 1,600
    USD 70
    THB 2,235
    USD 100
    THB 3,195
    From Zone 1
    USD 15 USD 30
    THB 960
    USD 45
    THB 1,440
    USD 65
    THB 2,075
    USD 85
    THB 2,715
    USD 115
    THB 3,670
    From Zone 2 USD 30
    USD 45
    USD 60
    USD 80
    USD 100
    From Zone 3 USD 50 USD 65
    USD 80
    USD 100
    USD 120
    USD 150
    From Zone 4 USD 70 USD 85
    USD 100
    USD 120
    USD 140
    USD 170
    From Zone 5
    USD 100 USD 115
    USD 130
    USD 150
    USD 170
    USD 200


    Preferred Seats fees* for Royal Silk Class passengers wishing to seat in Royal First Class zoning area (selected flights only)

    To zone 1
    To zone 2
    To zone 3
    To zone 4
    To zone 5
     USD 145 
    THB 4,280
    USD 180
    THB 5,395
     USD 260
    THB 7,790
    USD 310
    THB 9,385
     USD 395
    THB 11,935


    Zoning Definitions:

    Zone 1 Bangladesh, Cambodia, China (Kunming), Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand (Chiang Mai/ Phuket)
    Vietnam, Between Taipei and Seoul, Between Karachi and Muscat
    Zone 2 China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xiamen), Hong Kong - China, India, Indonesia,
    Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan - China, Between Phuket and Beijing
    Zone 3 Australia (Perth) , Japan, Korea, Oman, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates
    Zone 4 Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne) , Russia (Moscow)
    Zone 5 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Between Stockholm and Phuket, Between Copenhagen and Phuket, Between Frankfurt and Phuket

    *Fees are in US Dollars and will be converted into local currency at time of purchase.

    **Preferred seat is not applicable for domestic sector in Thailand


    • General Information

      The sale of ‘Preferred Seats’ is now open for flights departing from 27th July 2019 onwards.

      Rates will be charged differently, according to which class of travel and which zones passengers will be travelling to/from.

      For example passengers in V and W classes will be eligible for ‘preferred seating’ only in the same aircraft zone.

      Please note, preferred seat assignments can only be purchased:

      • Through our Bangkok Reservations Office for TG operated flights only, no less than 48hrs before departure – Except for Emergency Exit Seats which are only available to be purchased at the airport check-in counter and on board when seats are available.
      • At the Airport for TG (3 digits) operated flights and for connecting TG (3 digit) operated flights only, on flights of less than 48hrs before departure time.

      The facility is applied in one direction between two given points shown in the chargeable table. The chargeable rates are determined from the point of departure to the point of arrival without a stopover at any of the intermediate points and vary according to class of travel. If passenger takes a stopover at an intermediate point, a new assessment of the charges, if applicable, will be measured from the point of departure following the stopover.

      If passenger’s journey involves multiple airline partners, please be aware that the chargeable rates are applied to THAI flights, which are operated by THAI only. In case of codeshare flights, the carrier performing as the operating carrier may and/or may not have their own similar services provided. Please contact our reservations team for further advice.
    • Rules and Regulations for Emergency Exit Seats
      Exit row seats are situated either next to or immediately behind the emergency exit door, so in the unlikely event of an evacuation, passengers are expected to assist in the opening of the emergency exit door and must be willing to cooperate with cabin crew.

      In order to comply with international safety regulations and requirements, the following passengers will not be eligible to be pre-allocated emergency exit seating:

      • Passengers under 18 years old
      • Passengers travelling with infants
      • Pregnant passengers
      • Passengers with restricted mobility (including those using wheelchairs or other assistive devices)
      • Passengers that are not in full fitness, or are too frail or impaired at time of travel.
      • Unaccompanied minors (UM)
      • Buddhist monks/novices
      • Passengers travelling with escort dogs/services dogs
      • Deportees/Inadmissible
      • Passengers requiring an extended seatbelt
      • Passengers with ‘Baggage in Seat’ (CBBG)
      Once at the airport, THAI staff and/or its representatives will check whether passengers meet the conditions above.
      If the passenger is found not eligible to sit in an emergency exit seats according to the above conditions, and where payment has already been made, passengers will not be eligible for a refund.
    • Refund
      The purchase of Preferred Seats is non-refundable and non-interlineable, except when a passenger does not get seated on a puchased Preferred Seats due to a Thai Airways failure, in which case the fee will be fully refundable.  Preferred Seats purchase documents issued can be kept to use on another flight where Preferred Seats are available.  
    • Other conditions of sale
      • Rates are shown in USD (US Dollars) and will be converted to local currency using the Banker's Selling Rate on the date of purchase
      • The above rates are charged separately and do not affect passengers’ baggage allowance, which may vary depending on cabin, status level, military status, itinerary and date of purchase
      • Any other discount in percentage related to special passenger types such as Child / Infant, Tour Conductor and Agent Discounts are not applicable for the purchase of ‘Preferred Seats’
      • Mileage is earned on the original paid fares and is not related to the sale of ‘Preferred Seats’
      • By government order or agreement, certain passengers may have tickets terms and conditions that differ from the above. This shall be stated on the passenger's e-ticket
      • Royal Silk Class passengers booked in C, D, J class can only select their “Preferred Seats” in the Royal First Class zoning on any THAI flights/sectors where a two class of service (Royal Silk and Economy) is in operation
    • Baby Bassinet Service:
      With the implementation of this new ancillary service, the seats with baby bassinet facility in economy class are now included as ‘Preferred Seats’. Bassinet service for infants can be requested at check-in only and will be charged as ‘preferred seat.’

    For futher queries please refer to FAQ section