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    Use of Electric Device

    Details and plug formats compatible with the airline.

    In-seat Power Outlet on THAI’s Aircraft

    The in-seat power outlet service is provided on most of THAI’s aircraft fleet as an electrical power outlet and/or USB port. During cruise, passenger can power up his/her chargeable electronic devices such as smartphone, power bank, and laptop from the electrical power outlet and/or USB port. The availability of this service on THAI’s aircraft fleet is concluded as following;

    Airbus & Boeing


    A350-900 Cabin Version: 359
    PC power outlet (110 VAC), USB Port


    777-200ER Cabin Version: 77E
    PC power outlet, 110 VAC

    777-300ER Cabin Version: 77B
    PC power outlet, 110 VAC, USB Port

    787-8 Cabin Version: 788
    PC power outlet, 110 VAC, USB Port

    787-9 Cabin Version: 789
    PC power outlet, 110 VAC, USB Port

    Power outlets are not available on cabins as below


    A320-200 Cabin Version: 320

    A320-200 Cabin Version: 32S

    For your safety, Please follow these rules

    1. Prohibited Device on board

    at all time for your safety, portable electronic devices such as radio transmitters, walkie-talkies, portable radio-controlled toys, radio, television receiver, citizen band radio, pagers, electronic toys and wireless devices (mouse, Bluetooth, etc), must be switched off once and shall not be used on board during the entire flight.

    2. Acceptable Device on board

    During flight device which do not emit radio signals include portable video equipment, laptops or portable pcs without printers, cassettes/CD/DVD/Mini disc/ MP3 ( use with headphones only), electronic games, electronic calculators and electronic shavers may only used 15 minute after takeoff until the seat belt sign is switch on again before landing. Flight mode capable mobile and portable digital assistants (PDAS), can be used in the same flight phase as the device above when in “flight mode”. However, use of any portable device suspected of interfering with flight operation shall be prohibited

    3. Acceptable Device on board for entire flight

    Hearing aids, heart pacemakers, electronic watches and authorized in flight equipment are allowed during the flight.


    • The electrical power supplied from the in-seat power outlet may be interrupted due to safety or aircraft technical conditions.
    • The electrical power outlet provided in each seat is the universal type that is compatible with all standards of plug. Therefore, no special adapter is required.
    • The electrical power supplied from USB port may not be sufficient to charge the iPad.

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