Travel Information

In case of schedule change

If your flights are cancelled, or if there are changes to the schedule that affects your itinerary, information will be sent to the email you stated when making your booking. Please remember to also inform your travel companions when there is a group of you travelling.

Should the new flight schedule not be suitable for you, you can contact us at or call 08-598 836 00 (if you booked your tickets directly with us) or, if you booked through a travel agency, kindly contact them directly.

If THAI, or your travel agency, have not heard from you within 10 days of the announced change, the schedule change will be seen as accepted by you.

Travel Document



Those traveling to an international should check the validity of the following documents:

  • 1. Passport Passports of individuals traveling overseas must have a validity of more than 6 months. An exception may be made depending on the country concerned but this depends on their regulations. The passport holder must contact the embassy concerned to check the travel requirements prior to conducting travel.
  • 2. Visa Visa Individuals are recommended to check travel-related information at respective embassies, as each country has different requirements for foreign nationals' entry. Passengers are recommended to check this information prior to departure in order to avoid being denied travel at the airport.

Connecting flights/transport

If you are travelling with connecting flights or other type of connecting transport, we recommend reading the information below. THAI recommends that you plan your travel with good margin and when possible – use a through ticket to final destination.


The arrival time is an estimated time set on experienced operational times. There can be many reasons for a disruption of the scheduled flying time. Disruptions at the arrival airport can also have impact on your arrival time and your expected time to have cleared customs, passport control and/or being available for further engagements. Examples of some disruptions that may affect the arrival time and are beyond the control of the airline are: changes in air routes, strong headwinds, weather conditions, conflict areas on route, airspace conjectures, technical issues at airports etc.

There are also other issues at the departure/ arrival airport that can affect your expected arrival time or the amount of time you have for transfer. Examples of issues such as baggage handling interruption, border control conjectures etc.

Airports use an estimated time for passengers with connecting flights and transport. This time is based on a through ticket to final destination. If you have separate tickets you must take in consideration any delays, time for baggage handling, passport control and customs.

All the examples above (and more) are outside the airline control and the airline will not reimburse liability caused.

The best way to ensure onward connections to your destination is to have all flights booked in one ticket as the responsibility to ensure that you reach your final destination is within the issuing airline. Should your tickets be separate, the arrival airline will take no liability for any connection flights.