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24 March 2016

Dear Valued Customer,

Thai Airways Rebooking/Refund Guidelines for Flight Cancellation due to Brussels Airport Explosion

In view of the Brussels Airport explosion, please be advised/notified on the ticket handling procedures for passenger holding Thai Airways International documents as follows:

For Thai Airways International Documents issued in Singapore On/Before 22 March 2016 with travel period 22 March 16 – 15 April 16

  • 1. Reservation Change:
    1.1 Sector To/From Brussels
    Authorize to change date of travel within ticket validity without fee and surcharges for any TG online passenger for sector to/from Brussels.
  • 2. Rerouting/Reissuing:
    2.1 Authorize to reroute/reissue ticket within its validity without fee and surcharges. The routing may be changed to a destination within Europe which flight operated by TG only.
    2.2 Recalculation shall be corresponding to the original fares against the new fare.
    2.2.1 Any additional amount to be collected (e.g. fares, tax (es), surcharges) differences and/or other expenses occurred are on passenger’s account.
    2.2.2 When the new itinerary results in a lower fare, no credit of the residual amount will be made.
    2.2.3 For TG document issued at TG online and off-line offices in Europe, the return flight coupon BKK-BRU dated 22MAR16-15APR16 can be involuntary reissued to BKK-FRA/MUC/ZRH/PAR flight operated by TG for travel during 22MAR16-15APR16 without any addition charges.
  • 3. Refund
    3.1 For refundable ticket, the refund fee will be waived. Submit or contact by 30APR16.
    3.2 For non-refundable ticket, the conditions remain unchanged.

Please be guided accordingly.
Issued by : Thai Airways International Public Company

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