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Fare rules and ticketing conditions

  1. Sales Period
    Now till 31st March 18
  2. Travel Period
    Now till 30th June 18
  3. Minimum/Maximum Stay

    Sectors Minimum Stay* Maximum Stay +
    Thailand 02 days 14 days
    Regional 02 days 01 Month
    Europe/Middle East 05 days 01 Month
  4. Stopover
    1 free stopover permitted in Bangkok for the entire journey
  5. Blackout period
    Ex- SIN to Japan only :01-09 Feb 18/ 15-18 Feb 18/ 15-30 Mar 18/12-15 Apr 18 / 27Apr 18 /14-15Jun 18

    Ex- SIN to other destination, except Japan : 15-16 Feb 18 / 29-30 Mar 18 / 12-15 Apr18 / 27Apr18/ 14-15 Jun18
  6. No Show
    Penalty charge of SGD 80 for adult/child. Ex- SIN only.
  7. Change of flight/Date/RBD must be made before ticket expiration

    Penalty Sectors Business class Economy class
    Rebooking All destinations SGD 50 SGD 100
    Rerouting / Reissue All destinations SGD 50 SGD 50
    Upsell to higher fare All destinations Not permitted Permitted with rebooking fee SGD 100 + Reissue fee SGD 50 + any fare difference
    Refund* Thailand
    Auckland /Middle East/ Europe/ Middle East
    SGD 200
    SGD 300
    SGD 400
    Non Refundable
    SGD 100
    SGD 200

    *Refund charges is applicable for adult/Child/infant
    Above penalty is subject to additional fares/taxes/surcharges when applicable.
    Refund must be submitted within 90 days after ticket expiry.
    All penalties fees are on a per transaction per ticket basis.
    No partial refund.

  8. Children/Infant
    Accompanied child above 02 years but below 12 years: discount 25% of adult net fare. Infant under 02 years without seat :discount 80% of applicable adult net fare.
  9. Mileage Booking
    Booking code V, W - 25% of actual mile flown
    Booking code T, K - 75% of actual miles flown
    Booking code J- 125% of actual miles flown
  10. Miscellaneous
    Fares cannot be used in conjunction with upgrade awards.

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