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Self Check-In

Self Check-In

Self Check-in kiosks provide automated check-in service for more ease and convenience with no need to queue at check-in counters when flying with THAI on domestic routes, departing from Bangkok on international travel and at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi international airport and Phuket international airport only.

You can select or change seats up to 12 hours prior to flight departure. This service is available for all passengers except those who require special airport service or assistance such as wheelchairs, medical attention, children traveling alone, or those traveling with sports equipment, pets or overweight/oversize baggage are not able to use this automated service.

The steps to use self Check-in kiosks are simply as bellow.

  • Select THAI on the opening screen
  • Followed by your preferred language
  • Identify yourself by selecting one of 5 methods:- Booking reference,- E-ticket number, Frequent flyer number Passport or Boarding pass barcode
  • Then, follow the remaining steps until you receive your boarding pass

For your baggage, you can conveniently leave checked bags at dedicated THAI BAG–DROP counters.