Terms and conditions for THAI SME Clients

  1. To become THAI SME clients must contribute at least THB 350,000 per annum with consecutive of 12-months period, this amount is excluding taxes and surcharges on THAI International and Domestic flights including TGxxxx/operating by Thai Smile for traveling from/to Thailand
  2. Authorized person from THAI SME clients must be filling up company’s details and sign on THAI-SME Letter of Support which will be sent out by email and THAI SME clients shall arrange company’s valid documents as reference credential in favor of THAI as your first choice carrier
  3. As our THAI SME clients, all reservation and ticketing must be only performed via our website
  4. THAI SME clients whose annual flown spending derive minimum of THB 2,000,000 will be granted from THAI to enjoy a choice of local Corporate benefits for the next 12 months-period on your own option
  5. THAI shall monthly evaluate THAI SME clients travel spending on THAI flights

Benefits for THAI SME Clients

1. ROP Silver and Gold card (transferrable to your selected preferable entity or employee).*
   • 0.35 – 1.5 MTHB Silver = 1
   • 1.51-2.0 MTHB Gold = 1
   • More than 2 MTHB Gold = 2
2. Dedicated check in counter for THAI SME clients at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
3. Seasonal Promotion Programs for THAI SME clients.

* must spend at least THB350,000 per annum (excluding taxes and surcharges)
on THAI International for travel originating from Thailand.