SME Miles Transfer Program Terms and Conditions

SME Miles Transfer Program allows employees of the SME Company to transfer their miles, earned from company expense, to the ROP account of the owner of the SME Company and is subject to the following terms and conditions.

1.    To be eligible for this program, you must first apply to be one of our SME customers at our THAI Corporate Plus Website ( Upon the approval of your application Corporate ID and password will be sent out to email registered.
2.    Prior to transferring miles, your company must send an email to us at with the followings
−    Your company name
−    Corporate ID (CORXXXXX)
−    List of your employee’s names, their ROP numbers together with copies for their identification cards
−    Name of the owner of your company, ROP number of the owner, and copy of identification card of the owner
THAI shall reserve the right to limit number of employees up to 20 employees per company and number of owner to 1 owner per company.
3.    Should there be any change to the list of your employees or the name of the owner of your company, supporting information and documents same as item 2 are required to the same email address. THAI shall reserve the right to limit number of change to 1 time only within contract period (1 year).
4.    Please be informed that joining SME Miles transfer program is not compulsory. Miles transfer will be based on the travel policy of your company. THAI will not be held responsible should your employees refuse to transfer their miles or partly transfer their miles to the owner of the company.
5.    The SME Miles transfer feature is available through THAI Corporate Plus website ( only. Additionally, employees can only transfer miles earned from tickets purchased directly from THAI.
6.    SME Miles Transfer program is only applicable for transferring miles among THAI ROP accounts and not applicable for other airlines’ frequent flyer programs.
7.    Miles attained from transfer will not be considered as qualifying miles and therefore will be excluded from ROP status evaluation.
8.    THAI shall reserve the right to revise these terms, regulations, conditions of participation, in whole or in part at any time with or without notice, even though change may affect the value of the accrued mileage.
9.    THAI shall reserve the right to terminate the SME Miles Transfer Program at any time without prior notice or reason.