On Royal Silk Class, each seat typically recline to between 160 to 170-degree. All seats have a variety of positions between upright and reclined for optimum balance of head, back, leg angle and lumbar support.

Seating configuration is designed equally for those who travel together and enjoy one another’s company, or those traveling on business that require a more private work or rest environment; for that reason a sliding panel between adjoining seats is available.

Your reclining chair is your lounge, office and bed in the clouds. We provide a range of amenities throughout our fleet of aircraft, each being continually upgraded with the latest innovations in line with the character of each route.

Choose from up to 100 music CDs, movies and TV channels on demand at your fingertips on our 15-16”flat screens. PC power points are also available at all seats along with USB ports for all kinds of other devices.

On the Royal Silk Class, we not only offer our passengers an exemplary award winning service and meals that will indulge your culinary senses, but also privileged access to our exclusive lounges of THAI and our partner airlines around the world.