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Traveling with Infant

Traveling with Infant


  -  Inform the local reservation & ticketing officers about children’s information for appropriate seating and preparation of facilities on the aircraft

  • The Bassinet for babies less than 6 months of age, weighing less than 10 kg and not exceeding 62 67 cm in length.
  • For babies less than 2 years old, an FAA-approved car-seat can be used on the normal paid seat for a child fare.

  -  Babies and toddlers must be held in the arms during taking off and landing
  -  Prepare adequate clothing to keep the baby warm in the plane
  -  Air travel is not recommended for infants during the first week of life, when a newborn’s body is still adjusting to life outside the uterus and to assure that the child is healthy and free of congenital defects. Healthy infants 7 days of age are acceptable to travel with an adult passenger.
  -  Children with chronic disease may be at risk for hypoxia during flight, and a physician should be consulted before air travel.
  -  Changing cabin pressure cause temporary changes in middle ear pressure, which can result in pain. To minimize this, it is helpful to have a baby nurse a bottle, breast or suck on a pacifier (older children may drink from a cup or chewing gum) particularly during descent. This will help equalize the air pressure in the middle ear.  
  -  For children who suffer from motion sickness, medication can be used 30 minutes before departure



For more information, please contact your local THAI office