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 THAI issues fee waivers for passengers due to the current situation in Thailand

THAI Ticket issued Worldwide On/Before 22MAY14 with travel period during 23MAY14-15JUN14
1.       Reservation Change:
            1.1   Sector To/From Thailand
Authorize to extend ticket validity to 15JUL14 and allow changing date of travel without fee and surcharges.
2.       Rerouting/Reissued :
            2.1   Sector To/From Thailand and Beyond Thailand Destinations
Authorize to Reroute/Reissue ticket within its validity without fee and surcharges for any TG online passenger for sector to/from Thailand and beyond Thailand destinations.

In case of difference in fare, the additional amount must be collected.

THAI Ticket issued Worldwide
1.       Refund for both Totally Unused and Partially Used Ticket
Ticket with NON-REF conditions remains Non-Refundable.
Ticket with other conditions remains unchanged subject to the applied ticket conditions.
THAI/ ThaiSmile Ticket issued in Thailand/Website On/Before 22MAY14 with travel period during 23MAY14-31MAY14
Totally unused ticket and partial used ticket : Authorize to change flight/date without fee at one time with following conditions.
1.       Authorize to change date of travel within the same routing. The new travel date must commence on/before 30JUN14.
2.       In case of round-trip ticket, the return flight must be completed within original ticket validity.
3.       Domestic and international tickets with weekend/weekday application, the date change is permitted with originally ticketed 

          fare without reservation fee.
4.       In case of difference in fare, the additional amount must be collected.
For flight changes, passengers may contact THAI ticketing offices or call THAI Contact Center at +662-356-1111