Connecting You to the World Live!

Impressing every moment along the journey and connecting you to the World Live on THAI flights via the eXTV television network operated by Panasonic Avionics. Passengers can watch real time news with viewers around the world and enjoy exciting live telecast sport matches just as they do at home. The service is available on Airbus A350-900/ Boeing 787-8 / Boeing 787-9 in all classes from 14 June 2018 onwards.

Watching real time news and exciting live sport matches for free!

Aircraft Europe Australia/New Zealand Asia
A350-900 Brussels 
Melbourne Singapore* (TG403/ 404/ 409/ 410)
Narita* (TG642/ 643)
Haneda*(TG660/ 661)
Osaka* (TG672/ 673)
Beijing* (TG614/ 615)
Shanghai* (TG664/ 665)
Guangzhou* (TG668/ 669)
Seoul* (TG658/ 659)


Perth/Brisbane  Nagoya* (TG646/ 647)
Delhi* (TG331/ 332)
Jakarta*(TG435/ 436)
Hanoi* (TG560/ 561/ 564/ 565/)
Manila* (TG620/ 621)
787-9  - Auckland   Taipei * (TG632/ 633)

*Available on selected flights.
Remark:  THAI reserves the right to change aircraft type/ flight number without prior notice.

For additional information or queries please contact our local office or THAI Contact Center at +66(0)2-356-1111.

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