Co-Promotion with CITIBANK


Citibank, N.A. Terms & Conditions:

• For registered Citi cards issued in Thailand with spending during the event only.

• Cash rebate will be calculated from spending within 1 days (Primary cards and supplementary card combined) on every THB 10,000 spending from THB 30,000 and above. Limit maximum spending THB 100,000/program/customer.

• For cash Back credit cards, get additional 0.25% Cash Rebate on every THB 10,000 spent of THB 30,000- THB 69,999 or 0.50% Cash Rebate on every THB 10,000 spent of THB 70,000-THB 99,999 or 1% Cash Rebate on THB 100,000spent and above.

• Any spending over THB 100,000 will not be calculated for Cash Rebate.

• Reserves only for domestic flights or flights depart from Thailand.

• Cash rebate will be uploaded to primary card account within 60 days after the program ends for card members who hold the membership status until the uploaded date.

• Citibank is not involved in any product and services of the provider.

• The Bank reserves the rights of final decisions on any disputes arising out or in connection with this promotion.

For Online Ticketing:

• For Online ticketing at the event. Please show your confirm itinerary, online ticket with the above date and time to redeem a gift/ cash rebate at redemption counter.

• Include only authorized merchant name of Thai Airways during the event.

• Exclude any purchases from Agent tour/ Thai contact center

• Limit 1 gift/ customer/ program