Co-Promotion with KTC Credit Card

Get 10% Credited Cash Back

When redeem points equal to online spending amount 
Get more x5 KTC FOREVER REWARDS points (Normal points x1 + Extra points x4)

Register to get Cash Back at

Be the Top Spender prize 

Get 2 Round Trip Tickets : Bangkok - Hong Kong  

Includes 2 Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets

Announcement on 20 August 2018 at

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KTC FLEXI 0% Installment plan for 3 months

(For tickets more 1,500 Baht)

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Terms & Conditions get cash back & additional points 

1. This promotion is arranged by Krungthai Card Public Company Limited or KTC to grant exclusive privileges to all type of KTC cardmembers who have KTC FOREVER REWARDS and spend with KTC CREDIT CARDS via during May 1st, - June 30th, 2018 only. Except for those who have following credit card: KTC-CASH BACK, KTC VISA CORPORATE GOLD, KTC - THAI RED CROSS TITANIUM MASTERCARD, all types of KTC ROYAL ORCHID PLUS, all types of KTC PROUD, and KTC GOVERNMENT SERVICES card.

2. Cardmembers who wish to redeem Credited Cash Back according to this promotion must register via as condition defined and must get reply message of successful registration from KTC.

3. Cardmembers with online spending for products/services at every website worldwide will get privilege as follows;

    Get right to use KTC FOREVER REWARDS equal to online spending for products/services (every currency) to redeem 10% Credited Cash Back of spending per transaction, with condition that cardmembers must confirm their participation in the program at , specifying their 16 digit credit card number, email, and amount spent online/transaction that they wish to redeem for credited cashback credit to their account. The amount is to be specified in whole figures, without decimals (in the case where the amount has decimals, round down to the nearest whole number) and specify name of website/ mobile application for online spending. In case of KTC FLEXI Online Transaction, members must specify full amount of KTC FLEXI online transaction to redeem this privilege. The redemption rate is equal to 10% of the total amount spent on products or services per specified transaction with every website worldwide.

    OR use KTC FOREVER REWARDS points equal to the total amount spent online per transaction to redeem 10% Discount of transaction at the website with no need to confirm right to redeem Credited Cash Back at for products/services at and online air ticket booking at . Please remark that transaction already used to redeem Discount on these websites cannot be used to redeem for Credited Cash Back via . For KTC FLEXI online installment plan, the points cannot be used for Discount unless cardmembers confirm the right to redeem Credited Cash Back at according to condition defined.

    AND get additional x5 KTC FOREVER REWARDS points (normal point x1 + extra points x4 calculated after Credited Cash Back deduction) if the online spending with credit cards for products/services according to 3(1) or 3(2) is the spending at participating partner websites. KTC reserve the right to offer x5 KTC FOREVER REWARDS according to this promotion to only cardmembers who use the points to redeem Credited Cash Back or redeem 10% Discount according to this promotion only.

4. KTC will calculate Credited Cash Back and EXTRA KTC FOREVER REWARDS Points according to this promotion by calendar month, starting from the date of successful registration. The Credited Cash Back and EXTRA KTC FOREVER REWARDS points will be transferred into credit card account after 60 days from the last day of calendar month.

5. All purchases made under cash advance transactions, interest, penalties and various charges, including refunds from the cancellation of the purchase of products and services, and any other types of refund, including tax refunds, will not be considered as eligible transactions for this promotional campaign.

6. We reserve the right to redeem Credited Cash Back and/or discount under this promotion for the cardmembers who have sufficient KTC FOREVER REWARDS points in their credit card account under the determined terms and conditions only.

7. The privilege according to this promotion cannot be exchanged into cash, or transferred to others.

8. KTC reserves the right to give, cancel, or revoke the privilege of this promotion, be it some or all. We can claim damage fee (if any) if we find any acquisition by fraud or misbehave or wrongdoing of the credit cards, or using the cards for commercial purpose, or the cardmembers cancel any spending after the cardmembers have got the privilege from KTC.

9. KTC reserves the right to give privilege to only cardmembers with active membership and no record of overdue payment through this promotion period until the date KTC gives the privilege to the cardmembers. KTC’s information is final.

10. KTC reserves the right to change or cancel details, regulation, condition, and/or any privilege in this promotion with appropriate notice in advance. If there is a dispute, KTC’s decision is final.

11. For more information, please KTC PHONE 02 123 5000


Terms and Conditions Top Spender prize

1. This promotion is arranged by Krungthai Card Public Company Limited or KTC to grant exclusive privileges to all types of KTC cardmembers who spend with KTC credit card and register at in this regards, participating stores during 1 May - 30 June 2018 (“Promotional Period”) only, except for those who have following credit card: KTC VISA CORPORATE GOLD, KTC - SCG VISA PURCHASING, SME VISA COMMERCIAL GOLD and KTC GOVERNMENT SERVICES card.

2. KTC reserves the right to exclude spending amount under cash advance, all types of LTF/RMF payment (MCC 6211), KTC FLEXI BY PHONE transaction, interest, credit limit adjustment fee, fine and any other fees and charges, including refunds from purchase cancellation and any other types of refund, from the calculation of prize granting to the cardmembers under this promotion.

3. The prize of this promotion is economy class Thai Airways tickets from Thai Airways, including 1 prize , Bangkok – Hong Kong – Bangkok includes 2 Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets. The prize however does not include air tickets, fuel surcharges, and/or any other relevant expenses. In this connection, the lucky winners are required to cover those exclusive expenses. (Adjustable as necessary for each specific promotion)

3.1 Please contact THAI Contact center Tel. (0) 2356 1111

3.2 Upon booking confirmation, please contact Commercial Compliance & Travel Support Department at the Thai Airways International Head Office to arrange for ticket collection Tel. (0) 2545 1173, (0) 2545 4379

3.3 This offer is available for roundtrip ticket on Economy class from Bangkok. Travel between December 2018 only.

3.4 Re-routing of above complimentary ticket is not permitted and has no monetary or refund value, nor can be sold, exchanged or otherwise transferred for monetary or transferable to other person or other considerations.

3.5 Name change, Name correction (same person),  reroute and upgrade are not allowed after ticketed.

3.6 You shall be responsible for taxes, insurance and other applicable surcharges imposed by the particular airport authorities on the complimentary ticket upon ticket pick up. 

3.7 Limited seats per flight.

4. At the end of this promotion, KTC will select 1 first top spender who have made the highest spending amount in accordance with KTC’s credit card usage record, and will announce the list of lucky winners at by 20 August 2018. KTC will contact the lucky winner to inform of procedures, terms and conditions of prize receiving via [post mail/phone in accordance with the contact details for (Statement) deliver/phone number] which the cardmember has provided to KTC within 15 days from the day of lucky winners announcement. The lucky winner is required to contact for receiving the prize under the determined terms and conditions within the determined period only otherwise KTC will assume that the cardmember disclaims the prize.

5. KTC reserves the right to grant the prize to lucky winners whose name and family name shown on identification card or (Passport) is consistent with the name shown on the credit card only.

6. KTC reserves the right to grant prize under this promotion only up to 1 prize per [1 credit card number/1 cardmember] throughout the promotional period.

7. Should there be more than 1 top spenders, KTC reserves the right to grant the prize to the cardmember who [has good payment record and more frequently spend with KTC credit card on a continuous basis/ first made a product/service purchase with KTC credit card under this promotion]. KTC’s decision is deemed final. In the case that the eligible top spender is disqualified or does not meet any terms and conditions, KTC reserves the right to grant the prize to the following eligible top spender.

8. The lucky winners acknowledged and agreed to pay tax (if any) at the rate determined by laws.

9. The employees of KTC including KTC’s subsidiaries and associates, as well as the employees of the companies related to each specific campaign are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

10. The participation in this promotion is considered that the lucky winners agree to participate in PR campaign, or to present at the relevant event, or to take part in commercial photo shooting as determined by KTC, as well as allow KTC to take photographs to promote the photographs and the name of lucky winners on newspaper and/or any other advertisement media for public relation purpose. All rights relating to lucky winners’ photographs shall belong to KTC.

11. The privilege under this promotion cannot be refunded or exchanged into cash, nor may it be transferred to any third party.

12. KTC reserves the right to offer privilege under this program to cardmembers who maintain their membership status and who are without a record of default or outstanding payment throughout the program until the day on which the privilege is granted to the cardmembers, in accordance with KTC’s existing record.

13. KTC reserves the right to award, cancel, revoke or reclaim any privileges granted to the cardmembers under this promotion, wholly or partially, including the claim of compensation for damages (if any) if fraudulent activities are committed in order to receive this privilege, or if the credit card is used for any commercial purpose, in breaching of determined conditions, and for any non-consumption purpose, or when the transaction is cancelled after KTC duty granted privilege under this promotion to the cardmembers.

14. KTC is not a products seller/service provider and therefore assumes no responsibilities in respect of any products/services. Should there be any inquiries or claims in respect of products/services, or sales slip/tax invoice requirement, please contact each product seller/service provider directly.

15. KTC reserves the right to amend or cancel terms and conditions, details, and/or privileges of this promotion (including changing to any other prizes with equivalent value) without prior notice. In the case of a dispute, KTC’s decision is deemed final.

16. For more information, please call KTC PHONE 02 123 5000