Co-Promotion with Thanachart

**Terms and conditions of Extra T-Rewards X9    

1. Extra T-Rewards point  is reserved for credit card members who have spent on domestic travel category (Hotel / Accommodation / Airline / Tour) according to MCC Code, specified by VISA and Master Card only.   

2. Extra T-Rewards points will be calculate based on the purchasing amount at the maximum points of each tier.  

Spending amount per sale slipEarn Extra points
6,000 – 49,999 baht 240  points
50,000 – 119,999 baht  6,000  points
120,000 baht or more 24,000  points

3. Cash Back condition for non T-Rewards cards holder (MAX Platinum card and LIVE Platinum card); only extra points earned will be converted to Cash Back.

Spending amount per sale slipReceive Cash Back
6,000 – 49,999 baht 24 baht
50,000 – 119,999 baht 600 baht
120,000 baht or more 2,400 baht

    4. Limited to 24,000 extra bonus points / BLUE DIAMOND, DIAMOND and Other Cards throughout the campaign period and Limited to 48,000 extra bonus points / BLACK DIAMOND throughout the campaign period. Cards which have no T-Rewards

    5. 2,400 baht / account  throughout the campaign period by calculating the purchase (as per table) from Hotel & Travel category according to the MCC Code specified by VISA and Master Card. (payment in Thai currency)

    5.Extra T-Rewards Points or Cash Back will be credit to primary card account within 60 days after campaign ends. 

    6. If there is a dispute regarding the calculation of extra T-Rewards points or Cash Back, cardholders must contact bank to verify the transaction within 90 days from the date the bank credited the extra T-Rewards points or Cash Back.

    **Additional terms and conditions for Reward points cash Back redemption 10%

1. This privilege is restricted to primary card holder of Thanachart Credit Card and Siam City Credit Card who have points equal to the amount spend from participating merchants on the day that bank deducts points to redeem for cash back.

2. A minimum spending at 1,000 Baht / sales slip. (In the case of spending less than 1,000 Baht, that transaction is not able to participate in this campaign and the Cash Back will be processed in case of every 100 Baht only. If cardholder has insufficient points for Cash Back redemption, bank reserves the right to not proceed point redemption to Cash Back for the spent transaction.

3. Cardholders are required to notify the bank (Code: 115008) by calling 1770 every time for redemption

4. Bank will upload Cash Back to the cardholder on the next business day after the date that cardholder requested the point redemption for cash back.

5. Rewards points that have been redeemed for cash back, cannot be refunded.


**Other terms and conditions: 

1. Debit and Corporate Cards are not participated in this campaign.

2. Bank will not be responsible for any loss of data or technical problems. Cardholders should keep the proof / sales slip of card usage, in case if verification/ investigate is required.

3.Thanachart Credit Card does not involved in any purchased goods and services. All concerns of purchased goods and services shall raise to merchant directly.

4.If there is a dispute regarding the calculation of Cash Back, cardholders must contact bank to verify the transaction within 90 days from the date the bank credited Cash Back.

5.Any disputes, the discretion and judgement of the bank is final.

6. The terms and conditions are as specified by the Bank. Bank reserves the right to vary, modify and add portions of terms and conditions or terminated this campaign, including any typographical errors without prior notice.

7.Please check additional terms and conditions from or call 1770 press 0 press 2.