Co-Promotion with Citibank


Terms & Conditions

Citi PayLite installment plan terms and conditions

  • 1. Exclusively for Citi credit cards and Citi Ready credit issued in Thailand.
  • 2. This promotion is applicable for transactions over THB 3,000/ sales slip.

  • Citi Royal Orchid Plus Pay with Points terms and conditions*  

  • 1. This promotion is reserved for Citi Royal Orchid Plus Select and Citi Royal Orchid Plus Preferred primary card members.
  • 2. This Citi Royal Orchid Plus Pay with Point program is valid for the purchase of THAI ticket, Thai Smile and Royal Orchid Holidays payment through Thai Airways distribution channels only. (Thai Airways’ International Ticket Office and Thai Smile Bangkok and upcountry office /Thai Airways International Call Center /Thai Airways website and Thai Smile’s website Excluding travel agent.)
  • 3. This Citi Royal Orchid Plus Pay with Point program is reserved for retail spending transaction and exclude Citi PayLite installment plan through
  • 4. SMS will be sent to the registered mobile phone number with Citi after the payment is made. Every redemption of 4,000 Citi Rewards points will get THB 1,000 cash rebate, or if the amount is less than THB 1,000, the points can be redeemed in full amount using the exchange rate of 4 Citi Rewards Points = THB 1.
  • 5. Card members can redeem Citi Rewards Points within 24hours after receiving SMS.
  • 6. A complete transaction will appear on the next statement or Citibank Online for deduction, refund and deducted points. Pay with Points transaction cannot be changed cancelled or transferred points back to card member's account.
  • 7. The bank may change the rate of redemption without prior notice.

On-Top cash rebate terms and conditions**

  • 1. This special promotion is valid today – 31Dec’18
  • 2. Privileges will be valid when the redemption completed within promotion period.
  • 3. The cash rebate calculation will be done for each transaction and cannot be combined.
  • 4. The bank will post a statement credit to your credit card account within 60 days after the redemption is completed.

    Other terms and conditions

  • 1. The Bank does not involve with goods and services, if there is any query please contact provider directly.
  • 2. The Bank reserves the right to consider any dispute which relate to this promotion.
  • 3. For more information, please call Citiphone Banking 1588