Fly Japan and Seoul with JCB

Purchasing Period: Now ~ 31 March 2018

Travel Period: Now ~ 30 June 2018


Apply new SCB MY TRAVEL, Get an extra 3,000 ROP miles.

When applying and get approval between 1 Dec. 2017 – 31 Jan. 2018 via and use the credit card 3 times or more within 30 days after approval date. Get an extra 3,000 ROP miles. SCB will transfer 5,100 SCB Rewards, equivalent to 3,000 ROP miles, to the cardholder. These are extra SCB Rewards in addition to normal acquisition promotion.

SMS Registration

Type MTV and space followed by the last 12-digits of the credit card number and send to 4545333 to get a confirmation message from the system (3 Baht per SMS).


Promotion Terms & Conditions

    • 1. Privileges are eligible only for SCB MY TRAVEL credit cards registered via SMS from 1 Dec. 2017 – 31 Jan. 2018 according to the Bank’s conditions.  

      2. Only SCB MY TRAVEL credit cardholders (“cardholder”) who use a credit card registered via 1 Dec. 2017 – 31 Jan. 2018 are eligible to receive SCB Rewards according to the Bank’s conditions.  

      3. Applicable only for air ticket payments in THAI Baht currency for any passenger class departing from Thailand on European routes operated by THAI comprising London (Heathrow), Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Rome, Milan, Moscow, Stockholm, Zurich, Oslo, and Vienna.

      4. Purchase amounts limited to 200,000 Baht / card throughout the campaign.

      5. Every 20Baht purchase amount, cardholders will earn X4 SCB Rewards (already included X2 regular SCB Rewards), which is equivalent to 17Baht for 2ROP miles.

      6. Applicable only for items with full payments.Canceled items, SCB Dee Jung, and Call for Dee Jung are not eligible.Special SCB Rewards will be calculated according to transaction dates.  

      7. The Bank will transfer special SCB Rewards to registered credit card accounts within 60 days from the end of this campaign.   

      8. Cardholders must keep SMS confirmations as reference.     

      9. Air tickets purchase and usage conditions will be determined by THAI.  The Bank does not have any involvement in the process and/or action. 

    Credit Card Application Conditions

        • 1. Eligibility restricted to customers applying for SCB MY TRAVEL credit card as the primary card, and receiving approval between 1 Dec. 2017 – 31 Jan. 2018. 

          2. Cardholders must use card(s) 3 times within 30 days after the approval date 

          3. The Bank will transfer 5,100 SCB Rewards, which can be redeemed for 3,000 ROP miles within 60 days of the end of this campaign. 

          4. Calculation of accumulated spending amounts through the card under this campaign will be calculated according to transaction dates, excluding canceled items, purchase of funds, tax payments, car registration auctions, interest, fees, cash advances (including Dee Jung Transfers), utilities (water and electricity), unpaid SCB Dee Jung monthly installments, or any purchase of foreign currency exchange. 

      General Terms and Conditions

        • 1. Special SCB Rewards cannot be transferred to others or exchanged for cash or other items.  

          2. SCB credit cardholders eligible for privileges must have normal credit card status and a sound payment record, with no missing payments under the Bank's rules, nor violations and/or breaches of any regulations and/or conditions until the time they receive the privileges. The Bank has the right to invalidate privileges if cardholders are later found to have improper qualifications.

          3. The Bank reserves the right to amend rules, terms, and conditions of this promotion campaign, or cancel the campaign without giving any prior notice to customers.

          4. In case of any dispute, objection, or conflict, the Bank’s judgment is final.

          5. For more information, please contact the SCB Call Center at Tel. 02-777-7777.