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Mileage Accumulation

1.  Miles can be earned on all scheduled THAI, Star Alliance flights except on code share flights with aircraft not operated by THAI or a Star Alliance airline. On airlines which have a joint agreement with THAI, mileage may be accrued on certain flights only.

2.  It is the responsibility of each member to state or enter their membership number at the point of reservation, and present their membership card at check-in to help ensure automatic mileage tracking. THAI reserves the right to deny mileage claims when membership information has not been included or presented as required.

3.  Members receive mileage credit based on distance between origin and destination, as determined by THAI and/or Star Alliance airlines. When travel is via connecting flights that requires a change of flight number, mileage credit is for each segment. Connecting flights without a change of flight number, including an aircraft change, will receive mileage credit for travel from origin to the final destination.

4.  Mileage accumulated on THAI is determined by the fare paid and the class of service flown. Actual miles flown are earned in all classes plus applicable class of service bonus miles subject to the ticketed booking class: Economy Class - 100% to 110%, Premium Economy Class - 110%, Royal Silk Class - 125% to 150%, Royal First Class - 200% to 250%. On international THAI flights on discounted Economy Class fares in G booking class earns 50% miles, T, K, S booking classes earns 75% and V, W, booking classes earns 25% of actual miles flown. L class is not eligible for mileage accrual. For THAI operated flights of less than 500 miles in distance a minimum of 500 miles are earned in all eligible booking classes. On THAI Smile operated flights Platinum and Gold status members earn 500 minimum miles, Silver and Basic status members earn 200 minimum miles. Tier Status bonus miles are also earned by elite level members. Tier Status bonus miles are calculated on standard mileage accumulation rules on THAI with Platinum members earning 20% additional miles, Gold members 10% additional miles and Silver members 5% additional miles. Tier Status bonus miles are not Qualifying Miles that determine tier status in the Royal Orchid Plus program.  With THAI Smile and Star Alliance airlines actual miles and applicable class of service bonus miles are earned according to the paid booking class. Discounted fares with designated booking class codes, or designated routes, may be eligible for reduced mileage accrual or may not earn miles. On all upgraded travel, mileage is earned based on the original paid fare. Current information on mileage accrual is available at at 'Earn Miles' and THAI reserves the right to change, reduce or alter mileage accrual on THAI, THAI Smile or Star Alliance airlines without prior notice.

5. Mileage is accrued only by the member who travels, regardless of who pays for the ticket. Mileage will not be accrued on unused, forfeited, refunded, Award, free, charter flight, no value, agency/industry, denied boarding,  infant fares, unpublished fares and on all non-revenue tickets.

6. Mileage is accumulated solely by the enrolled member and cannot be combined with or transferred to the accounts of other members, or combined with or transferred to other Star Alliance or partner loyalty program accounts. Miles cannot be willed as part of an estate or transferred from a deceased member’s account. THAI reserves the right to cancel membership, void all mileage credit and cancel previously issued Awards or tickets under any account which is used by more than one person or used fraudulently, with or without prior notice.

7. All travel documentation, including boarding passes, electronic ticket payment and other payment receipts should be retained until mileage has been credited to accounts.

8. For mileage that is not automatically credited to members accounts, claims can be submitted on-line for THAI or with flight Partners / Star Alliance Airlines that offer an on-line claim service within 180 days of the activity date. Mileage claims can also be submitted to the Members Service Centre or to any THAI ticketing office world-wide within 180 days after the activity date. Successful delivery of all documentation is the sole responsibility of the member. Claims for other partners,  payment receipts and/or rental contracts may be required to be submitted to partners or by online claim through their websites. Retroactive credit on THAI ,other partners, or Star Alliance airlines will not be given for flights or activities taken prior to enrolment.

9. If travel is re-routed or members are transferred to another carrier due to operational reasons on the day of scheduled travel, a claim with required supporting document can be submitted for consideration.

10. Mileage will not be earned for flight cancellations due to conditions that THAI cannot control, and in the event of flight irregularities miles are earned on the original paid fare and routing. THAI is the final authority for all mileage accrual and credit in the Royal Orchid Plus Program.