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Flight Notification

Flight Notification

When you travel with THAI, you will automatically receive instant notifications about your flight information.

  • Notifications apply to THAI flights only.

  • Notifications are sent only if your flight is cancelled or delayed by at least 15 minutes. The updates will be sent:

    • 24 hours prior to departure,

    • 4 hours prior to departure.

    • more frequent during 4 hours prior to departure.

  • Gate change notifications will be sent only within 2 hours of departure.

  • Departure notifications will end 15 minutes prior to actual departure.

  • No notification will not be sent if the flight is on time.


Flight status information can change at any time. For this reason, we recommend that - unless your flight has been listed as "cancelled" - you always check in for the originally scheduled departure time of your flight and check airport monitors for any latest updates.

We’ll try our best to provide the most real-time flight status information. However, THAI is not liable for non-delivery of messages and cannot guarantee the timeliness or reliability of email message receipt.