Company profile

Thai Airways International Public Co,.ltd is a national enterprise subordinated to the Ministry of Transport. It is a public company registered in The Securities Exchange of Thailand since 1991 with the Ministry of Finance as a dominance shareholder at more then 50%.

We operate the airlines business that transport passengers, goods, parcels and postal through air transportation via Thai major cities to the primary cities around the world.  From schedule flights to charter flights and through our alliances with Suvarnabhumi Airport as the main hub for all flight routes.

Other than airlines business that is our main business, we have other related business and support our airfreight both in business unit model and joint venture model; contain with

▪    Passengers service, products service, pre flight and post flight preparation
▪    In-flight meals and beverages service
▪    Aircraft maintenance service
▪    Flight administrator service
▪    Duty-free products and souvenir merchandise
▪    Travel and traveling support service
▪    Flight service attendants training service (Joint venture)
▪    Workforce provider service (Joint venture)
▪    Aircraft fuel service (Joint venture)
▪    Seat booking and reservation service (Joint venture)  

Our main revenue is from passengers and goods transportation in the ratio of 95%. The other 5% is from the other supporting enterprise.

Vision, Value and Mission

As the national airline, we announce our vision to set our goal to public and use it as the guideline for all units to achieve the same goal “The First Choice Carrier with Touches of THAI”. While focusing on building shared value to raise the main value e.g. focus on customer satisfaction building, operation under effective capital and budget  through flexibility to support the change of circumstance in business operation and to create a response to confederate with balance. We announce our mission to show our determination and ask all confederates to perform as follows

▪    To serve a holistic airfreight for domestic and international markets while focusing on standard, safety, convenience and service that reflect Thai identity to deliver the valuable and dependable  products along with strengthen impressions and good relationship with customers.
▪    To supervise the business according to international standard to create a sustainable growth to the organization and create high revenue to shareholders
▪    To create a strong culture of the organization of learning, to realize about customers’ importance and to strengthen the abilities, skills and responsibility along with accumulate organization relationship with its employees to bring the best out of all workforce.
▪    To help, strengthen and response to society and environment as a national airline.

Supervision structure

In order to be in line with The Securities Exchange of Thailand’s rules as a public company, we divide our structure into 2 parts contain with;
1. Company’s committee
2. Company’s management division

Company’s committee

Considering and advising on major factors about business operation. Play a key role in supervising management division to follow all company’s policies and framework by appointing subordinate committee to help study in detail and screen all specific works and to keep everything under good controlling principle contain with;
1. Auditcommittee
2. Independent committee
3. Corporate governance committee
4. Nomination, Remuneration and Human Resource Developmentcommittee
5. Corporate social responsibility committee
6. Managing director’s performance evaluating committee
7. Risk management committee
8. ExecutiveManagement committee
9. Law committee

Company’s management division
Has divide the management structure into 2 parts by job type and duty role to create operation’s flexibility through the direct report to managing director contain with;
1. Airline business as a main business that transport passengers and goods, contain with 5 main lines that are commerce line, strategic and business development line, finance and accounting line, human resource and organization activity line and product and service line along with 2 operation units that are operation line and technical line.

2. Airline supporting business manages in a business unit type, contain with 4 business units that are product commerce and postal unit, airline kitchen unit, Thai Smile business unit and ground business unit.

Staff characteristic

We have an employment in both permanent and outsource, depending on each unit task. We also have employee distribution and hire permanent employee at each flight destination due to each country’s terms and regulations. In some tasks, we hire an agent to work instead of our employee by an agreement to deliver products and service in the company’s standard.

For some employee duty roles that are requiring specific skill-sets and expertise, we have a potential development system to raise knowledge and also finding a replacement, if needed through training center which response for planning and defining course syllables.

Product delivery procedure

Use an aircraft as a main tool to transport passengers and goods by invest to buy our own aircraft and transport passengers through alliances’ aircraft.  We have our main maintenance service before delivery to raise confidence in our service and keep the standardservice level along with holistic service for pre-flight, in-flight and after-flight for a continuance, convenient and seemless service. We apply technologies and communication networks to connect all services in every place, so clients and staff can keep up with all information provided.