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With unending charisma, Hanoi embraces the colonial architecture of the west, whilst merging it with oriental culture. It’s easy to get lost and immerse yourself into the culture of this unique city.





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Old Quarter         

This maze of 36 streets is a paradise for shoppers. The original name for the area was “Hanoi 36 Steets” with each street named after the goods sold upon the streets, a trait that has continued to this day. There is a “silk street”, a “silver street” “wood carving street”, “art street” and “shoe street”. You will be spoiled for choice, whether you want flats, high heeled shoes, clothes, bags, jewelry or unique items like dolls, water puppets and  traditional farmer’s hats. Most items are created locally with fine details and craftsmanship.




Those who come to Vietnam will be familiar with the merchants with “mobile” food stalls that set up makeshift restaurants on the foot path. Another common sight is women in high heels and men in neckties (all dressed to impress) taking a seat on a low squatting chair to partake in one of the country’s best delicacies: a hot bowl of Pho noodles. There is usually both pho bo (beef) and pho ga (chicken). Another dish that shouldn’t be missed are the spring rolls, wrapped in a thin rice paper skin, served with a crystal clear sauce of fresh basil and shredded radish.


Hoi An

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