Find Flights From Chiang Mai To Don Mueang

don mueang and chiang mai flights

Flight Schedule

Flight Departure Time Arrival Time
TG2175 (WE1175)  CHIANG MAI - DON MUEANG 08.30  09.45
TG2176 (WE1176)  DON MUEANG - CHIANG MAI  10.25  11.35
TG2173 (WE1173)  CHIANG MAI - DON MUEANG 16.30 17.45
TG2174 (WE1174)  DON MUEANG - CHIANG MAI 18.25 19.35

*Flights operated by THAI Smile 

Traveling To Bangkok 

Wat Phra Kaew

Bangkok is an exciting, diverse, and culturally rich city. Soak up the charming beauty atmosphere of its urban architecture and dynamic lifestyle. Bangkok has a lot of fun things to do, with its traditional iconic shrines and temples, lively nightlife, packed with thriving food scene and luxury shopping destinations.

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