Find Flights From Don Mueang To Chiang Mai

don mueang and chiang mai flights

Flight Schedule

Flight Departure Time Arrival Time
TG2175 (WE1175)  CHIANG MAI - DON MUEANG 08.30  09.45
TG2176 (WE1176)  DON MUEANG - CHIANG MAI  10.25  11.35
TG2173 (WE1173)  CHIANG MAI - DON MUEANG 16.30 17.45
TG2174 (WE1174)  DON MUEANG - CHIANG MAI 18.25 19.35

*Flights operated by THAI Smile 

Traveling To Chiang Mai

Set in foothills, surrounded by lush countryside and with a pleasantly cool climate, Chiang Mai has a laid-back, country town feel that encourages visitors to linger. A moat and four medieval city walls surround the old town, which was the original capital of the northern Lanna Kingdom in the late 13th century. Here, ancient temples and traditional wooden houses stand alongside museums, galleries, hotels and restaurants.

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