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Traveling to Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Ratchathani is the City of Beautiful Lotuses, a Two-colored River, Delicious Fish, Beaches and Rapids, Thai Scholars, Devout Buddhists, Finely Carved Candles, and Pre-historical Rock Paintings. Located in the lower region of Northeastern Thailand. This region, where Ubon Ratchathani borders both Cambodia and Laos and the Mekong flows into Cambodia has been coined “the Emerald Triangle” in recognition of its magnificent green landscapes.


Top Attractions

1.Two Colors River - the point where the Moon River and Mekong River meet on the border with Laos


2.Pha Taem National Park - notable for its Dipterocarp forest cover and for extensive rock art on cliffs above the Mekong river


3.Namtok Saeng Chan - very beautiful waterfall with a special characteristic of the small steam of water

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