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Copenhagen, a Scandinavian Dream

Copenhagen is a true old European port city. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is known for providing the best welfare and quality of life in the world. The most famous symbol pf the city is the Little Mermaid statue. Another important landmark that has been in Copenhagen since 1843 is Tivoli, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.


Tourists should not miss the Rocco style Amalienborg Palace. At 12:00 am everyday guards will change their position in front of the palace. Spectators will notice that unlike other palaces in the world, this one has no gate. If shopping is your favourite activity, strolling around the world’s longest walking street at Strøget. For tourists that find pleasure in eating and drinking, Nyhvn is an area that is guaranteed to bring you joy, there are many famous restaurants, bars and jazz clubs along the canal. Be warned however, if you are looking to save instead of splurge, buying food and drinks away from the waterside is recommended.

Where to eat in Copenhagen

This Scandinavian restaurant is well known, and has garnered a rating of 2-Michelin Stars. Reservations are highly recommended.
This famous spot is a must-go for any seafood lover. Don’t miss the recommended dish of Limfjorden, mussels steamed with apple cider and herbs.
This Danish restaurant is famous for using local ingredients and even their own vegetables to ensure freshness.