Charter Flight

Freedom to fly when you want, where you want.

You set your schedule and provide us your requirements. We brings you to your destination with the same smooth as silk service you enjoy on THAI's scheduled flights but with extra privacy and exclusivity.

THAI's charter flights depart from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport as home base. Popular destinations include Japan, China, India and other cities throughout Asia.

THAI's charter service is ideal for tour operators, corporate groups, government bookings and any organizations or individuals who desire greater flexibility in flight times or a dedicated aircraft. Please see the chart below for more details.

Available routes

Any routing outside of THAI’s regular flight schedule, THAI charter flight services cover flights to Japan, China, India and any country within Asia. Depart from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport as home base.


Aircraft Capacity Maximum Flying Hours
Airbus A320-200 170s     
Airbus 330-300 285s     
Boeing 777-200 285s     


Passengers enjoy the same premier service offered abroad scheduled THAI flights.
NOTE: No Royal Orchid Plus mileage is accrued when flying on charter flights.


Subject to availability of aircraft, crew and airport facilities.

Subject to approval from government authorities


SEQ Flight No. Date Routing
1 TG659 02-Dec20 ICN 0935 BKK 1330
TG659 09-Dec20 ICN 0935 BKK 1330
2 TG491 15-Dec20 BKK 1700 SYD 16/0605/0720 AKL 1220 - PAX
TG492 16-Dec20 AKL 1420 BKK 2035 - PAX
3 TG8110 23-Dec20 BKK 1005 CTU 1400  - FERRY
TG8111 23-Dec20 CTU 1505 BKK 1720  - REPAT
4 TG8888 31-Dec20 31DEC20 BKK 2230 BKK 0030/1
TG8889 01-Jan21 01JAN21 BKK 0959 BKK 1240



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