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Royal Orchid Plus have launched new online service: 'ROP MyWallet'


Royal Orchid Plus have  launched  new  online  service  called “Royal Orchid Plus MyWallet” for both Apple iPhone and Android starting from  31st May, 2016.
MyWallet will enable ROP members to organize and manage their membership account and much more with even greater ease as we continue to enhance online services. The MyWallet  is simple and enjoyable to use, with ease of use and expanding functionality.
In the beginning  phase,  Royal Orchid Plus MyWallet  will feature functionality:
- Member information such as name, last name, tier status  and remaining miles
- Convenient account access with automatic log-in for online services:
Mileage  Statement
Claiming missing miles
Tier calculator : to attain higher status or retain current status
Miles calculators : for mileage accrual  or award redemption
Miles Purchase
Award Eligibility
Link to book THAI flights
The new Royal Orchid Plus MyWallet will be available for download at  , click profile and Dowload Royal Orchid Plus MyWallet. Then  member can use their smart phone with the iOS and Android to scan the Royal Orchid Plus MyWallet.
Royal Orchid Plus Department
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