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  • Cigarette 400 / Liquor 3 bottles (0.76 liter each)

Check-in Counter
  • Until 27JAN2020


    Royal First Class I-1 / I-2
    Star alliance plutinum member I-1 / I-2
    Royal Silk Class I-2 / I-3
    Star alliance gold member I-2 / I-3
    I-check in I-4
    Economy Class I-5 / I-6



    Royal First Class  I-11 / I-10
    Star alliance plutinum member I-11 / I-10
    Royal Silk Class I-10 / I-9
    Star alliance gold member I-10 / I-9
    I-check in I-8
    Economy Class I-7 / I-6


    From 28 JAN 2020


    Royal First Class M-1 / M-2
    Star alliance plutinum member M-1 / M-2
    Royal Silk Class M-2 / M-3
    Star alliance gold member M-2 / M-3
    I-check in M-4
    Economy Class M-5 / M-6



    Royal First Class  M-13 / M-12
    Star alliance plutinum member M-13 / M-12
    Royal Silk Class M-12 / M-11
    Star alliance gold member M-12 / M-11
    I-check in M-9
    Economy Class M-8 / M-7

  • Opening Time : 

    2.5 hours before departure time for TG683

    3 hours before departure time for TG661

  • Closing Time: 40 minutes before departure time


ANA Lounge

  • 4th floor Departure Lounge
    Close to departure gate 110

  • Capacity: 300 Seats

  • Facilities:
    • Separate Smoking Area
    • Private room for meeting
    • Food, Snacks, Softdrink
    • TV, Magazines, Newspaper
    • Free local call
    • Wifi, PC
    • Toilet/Shower

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