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    ຄົ້ນພົບຄວາມສະດວກສະບາຍຂອງສີ່ງອຳນວຍຄວາມສະດວກໃນ Lounge ທີ່ຍອດຍຽມໃນສະໜາມບິນທົ່ວ ໂລກສຳພັດ ກັບອາຫາຊັ້ນເລີດ ແລະ ເພີດເພີນກັບວາລະສານທີ່ຫລາກຫລາຍຮູບແບບ ແລະຜ່ອນຄ່າຍໃນບັນຍາກາດທີ່ງຽບສະງົບຢ່າງແທ້ຈີງ




    General Information

    Thai Airways Information

    contact Information

    THAI Airport Office

    THAI Reservation & Ticket Office:
    • 84-4-38267921/23

    • 84-4-38267394

    Check-in Counter
    • Ground Floor

    • Counter Number 5 and 7 – 11 (no.6 for Excess Charge)

    • Opening Time: 2.30 hours before STD

    • Closing Time: 40 minutes before STD

    THAI’s Lost & Found
    • 1st Floor - Arrival Area

    • +856 21 512165 ext 383


    Airline Lounge (Contract Lounge)

    • 2nd Floor, International Departure Level - Airside

    • Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00

    • Space: 76 sq.m.

    • Capacity: 40 Seats

    • Facilities:
      • Food, Snack & Refreshment
      • Internet Corner
      • TV, Magazine, Newspaper
      • Toilet

    Basic Facts

    • Cities to which THAI flies: Vientiane

      Clothing: Light, although evenings in the hills from October until February are cold. Sweaters or jackets are required.

      Visas and health regulations:
      • A 30 day visa on arrival is issued at the airport for a fee of $US35. A passport photograph is required.
      • No vaccinations required but African and some South American visitors need yellow fever certificates. Vaccinations against Japanese encephalitis and tetanus, and anti-malarial medicine are recommended if travelling to remote jungle areas.

      Language : Lao and some English and French.

      Voltage : 220 volts, 50 Hz (cycles)

      Credit Cards :
      Large hotels and a few upmarket shops in cities accept credit cards.

      Business Hours: Government offices and banks: 8-12, 1-4:30, M-F; banks also open 8 - 12, Sat.

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