Air Awards on THAI

All Award Travel is on one-way and a round-trip basis and all sectors must be confirmed prior to ticketing. One stopover in each direction between origin and destination, and one open jaw at point of turnaround or origin, are allowed on international flights. An open jaw at origin must remain in the same country. Backtracking is not permitted.

Travel from/to a destination in Thailand that requires a connecting flight, does permit a stopover subject to service fees or the traveller must continue on the first available flight. No stopovers or connections are allowed on domestic travel within Thailand.

Backtracking is allowed only on roundtrip intercontinental Award Travel, provided that Bangkok is the connecting point for onward travel. Stopover charges apply for up to 2 stopovers, one stopover in each direction. Onward connecting flights within 24 hours are not considered a stopover.

Once Award travel reservations are confirmed, tickets must be issued by the date advised by reservations staff, or reservations are automatically cancelled and mileage recredited.  Award tickets can be issued instantly at all THAI offices with on-line service, while at least 3 days prior to your scheduled departure is required for ticketing at THAI offices that are not yet able to offer this instant service. Award Travel must be completed within 1 year of the ticket issue date.

If Award travel does not originate or terminate in Bangkok, a few simple calculations are necessary. Using the mileage table you can calculate the one-way distance between all THAI destinations and determine the Award level.

For example, Hong Kong-Bangkok-London

Bangkok To/From Actual Miles
Auckland 5,947
Bengaluru 1,549
Beijing 2,057
Brisbane 4,520
Brussels 5,747
Busan 2,304
Chengdu 1,186
Chennai 1,379
Colombo 1,485
Copenhagen 5,358
Denpasar 1,848
Dhaka 963
Dubai 3,046
Frankfurt 5,584
Fukuoka 2,313
Guangzhou 1,047
Hanoi 606
Haneda 2,869
Ho Chi Minh 453
Hong Kong 1,049
Hyderabad 1,500
Isalamabad 2,206
Jakarta 1,444
Karachi 2,310
Kathmandu 1,378
Kolkata 1,009
Kuala Lumpur 754
Kunming 784
Lahore 2,067
London 5,928
Manila 1,363
Melbourne 4,568
Milan 5,610
Moscow 4,391
Mumbai 1,878
Munich 5,459
Muscat 2,830
Nagoya 2,677
New Delhi 1,824
Osaka 2,592
Oslo 5,380
Paris 5,858
Phnom Penh 322
Perth 3,319
Rome 5,499
Seoul 2,286
Singapore 889
Shanghai 1,787
Sapporo 3,148
Stockholm 5,167
Sydney 4,679
Taipei 1,555
Tokyo 2,869
Vientiane 315
Xiamen 1,354
Yangon 372
Zurich 5,618


Chiangmai To/From Actual Miles
Kunming 491



Hong Kong To/From Actual Miles
Phuket 1,427
Seoul 1,295


Karachi To/From Actual Miles
Muscat 550


Phuket To/From Actual Miles
Frankfurt 5,778
Hong Kong


Seoul To/From Actual Miles
Taipei 914

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