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Take Advantage of Royal Orchid Holidays' Stopovers

Prepared by Harold Stephens

Travel Correspondent for Thai Airways International

Over the last few weeks I have told readers about Royal Orchid Holidays’ free booklets that were published to help travellers plan their vacations. These included Discover Thailand, Discover the World and Golf in Thailand. This week it’s World Stopovers 2007-2008 that I would like to present. The booklet, like the others, is available at Thai Airways International ticket offices around the world and many travel agents associated with THAI.

Royal Orchid Holidays’ research showed that many travellers, even those on business, would like to see as much as they can in the short time that they have, even if it’s only one day. For that reason, ROH came up with the World Stopovers programme. For those who don’t have the booklet I am giving the basic information in this report.

Headlining the booklet is the title Travel in a World of Benefits, and here are some of these benefits:

*Choose from Stopovers’ selected list of hotels and find the one that's right for you.

*Save with Stopovers’ premium room rates in all categories of accommodation.

*Rely on THAI when travelling abroad, and arrive confident that your room will be ready.

*Free yourself from confining packages and extend your Stopovers for as long as you like.

*Simplify your travel planning by booking your room along with your THAI flight.

*Enjoy Stopovers at over 60 THAI destinations in more than 20 countries around the world.

What this means is you make the choice when selecting from Stopovers’ range of accommodation. You can string Stopovers together to create a full holiday, or turn transit stays into extended Stopovers and see more of each city. Business travellers can pick hotels with appropriate facilities and near meeting venues for stress-less trips, and families can find the perfect places that fit their budgets. Whether you're looking to stay in the bustling city centre, a quieter place a bit out of town or a room near the airport, the choice is easy when selecting Stopovers.

Travel with confidence knowing your Stopovers will run as smooth as silk. With THAI and Royal Orchid Holidays, landing in a foreign destination is a seamless transition, allowing you to relax while you travel. A hotel transfer greets you at several Stopover destinations, and takes you to your waiting room, selected from our fine range of accommodation. You can even add more days for a fuller stay. Discover how to book a Stopover and see all you get.

Stopovers: A Simple Way to see the World

Arrange a Stopover and fill both your major travel needs at once at any Thai Airways International office or THAI agent. While booking your Royal First, Royal Executive or Economy Class flight, ask the THAI agent to arrange your Stopovers accommodation. Stay as long as you like, and since your room reservations are made with your individual flight, you'll receive personalised, not group, service at competitive rates.

To top it off, Royal Orchid Holidays’ global communication system keeps us connected, to guarantee your room.

Check out our choice of selected hotels, and take the mystery out of picking the right room. Years of experience have refined Royal Orchid Holidays Stopovers’ accommodation list. Downtown locations place tourists near sightseeing and shopping, and put business travellers in a great base for visiting clients and attending meetings and exhibitions. Airport locations are perfect for many travellers, who simply want a pleasant stay while in transit. And Stopovers is ready to make it happen, whichever way you choose.

The hotel rating system that Royal Orchid Holidays uses is as follows:

Deluxe Class  = 5-star rating

Superior Class = 4-star rating

First Class      = 3-star rating

Tourist Class   = 2-star rating

See what extras you get when booking a Stopovers package. The price includes accommodation, service charges and taxes, and don't forget to ask about breakfasts served at many Stopovers hotels. All Bangkok Stopovers include airport-hotel transfers, as do many in Thailand and the world. Please check individual destinations for details.

Also you can mark up more miles on your Royal Orchid Plus account when travelling between Stopovers or whenever you fly THAI. Cash in your mileage for valuable incentives including free upgrades when flying THAI or our Star Alliance partners. Membership is free. Ask for details at any Thai Airways International office.

You can also rent a car with AVIS and take full control of your Stopover. AVIS rental cars are available at many airports and cities at Stopovers destinations. As a preferred Stopovers traveller, you are entitled to a discount at most AVIS offices. Just provide the (AWD) discount code: Y040800, grab the keys, jump behind the wheel and you're off.

Next week I will take readers on a search of Old Shanghai.


Q. Hi Harold, I am travelling to Thailand on Thai Airways mid October for two weeks.  As yet I am undecided about staying at Phuket or Koh Samui.  Which is better to avoid the wet at that time of year?  Reading the Thai Airways International page about it doesn't say which to go to when the monsoons are in season. Can you help?? Thanks.  Doug Kent. Sydney

A. The Northeast monsoons begin blowing in November which affects the weather in Koh Samui. That is when it’s best to travel to Phuket. To answer your question, October is a good time to travel to Koh Samui, but then so is it a good time to travel to Phuket. Coming soon I will be writing a full article on the monsoons.  --HS

Harold Stephens


E-mail: ROH Weekly Travel (booking@inet.co.th)

Note: The article is the personal view of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the view of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited.

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