New Release
Midnight Special(112 minutes)
After falling in love following a fully-fledged summer fling, Erin and Garrett look to continue their relationship despite living on opposite coasts from one another.
Eddie the Eagle(106 minutes)
Reluctantly aided by former ski-jumper Bronson Peary, Michael Edwards begins an unwavering quest to become Great Britain’s first Olympic ski-jumper.
Hail, Caesar!(106 minutes)
When the world's most famous movie star disappears, a studio fixer enlists the help of Hollywood’s biggest names to solve the mystery.
Hello, My Name is Doris(90 minutes)
Hello, My Name Is Doris’ tells the story of a 70-something cubicle worker who develops an obsessive crush on a much younger co-worker.
Triple 9(115 minutes)
When a crew of cops are blackmailed to execute a virtually impossible heist, an unsuspecting rookie turns their plans upside down.
Gods of Egypt(127 minutes)
Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau star as rival gods locked in an epic battle to decide the fate of the universe in this thrilling fantasy-adventure.
The Confirmation(90 minutes)
When a down-and-out carpenter has his precious and irreplaceable toolbox stolen, he joins forces with his young son to track down the thieves.
Zootopia(101 minutes)
When Officer Judy Hopps arrives in Zootopia, she discovers that being the first bunny on a police force of big and tough animals isn’t so easy.
Deadpool(108 minutes)
Worried that the love of his life will be scared off by his scars, semi-insane and impossible to kill, Deadpool, violently pursues the man he holds responsible for his mutilation.
How to be Single(108 minutes)
In New York, a city full of lonely hearts seeking the right match, a group of single people must learn to navigate their way through the ever-evolving definitions of love.
Sisters(118 minutes)
Two disconnected sisters are summoned home to clean their childhood bedroom and decide to throw one final party that turns out be an experience everyone needs!
The Dressmaker(118 minutes)
A glamorous woman returns to her small town in rural Australia. Armed with her sewing machine, she transforms the women and exacts sweet revenge on those who did her wrong.
Ride Along 2(101 minutes)
Detective duo, and soon-to-be-brothers-in-law, James and Ben race to bring down a Miami drug lord in time for Ben’s wedding.
The Lady in the Van(104 minutes)
When an eccentric woman parks her broken down van in writer Alan Bennett’s driveway, she proceeds to live there for the next fifteen years.
Queen of the Desert(128 minutes)
A chronicle of the life of traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer and cartographer, Gertrude Bell, at the dawn of the twentieth century.
Kung Fu Panda 3(85 minutes)
When Po’s long-lost panda father suddenly reappears, the reunited duo travel to a secret panda paradise to meet scores of new pandas.
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice(151 minutes)
Gotham City’s own formidable and forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered and modern-day saviour.
The Jungle Book(96 minutes)
Man-cub Mowgli embarks on a captivating journey of self-discovery when he’s forced to abandon the only home he’s ever known.
Allegiant(120 minutes)
Beyond the wall, Tris and Four face a threat more dangerous than they ever imagined, fighting for the future of an entire city.
Barbershop: The Next Cut(112 minutes)
When the surrounding community takes a turn for the worse, Calvin and his long-time crew come together to save his barbershop and their neighbourhood.
10 Cloverfield Lane(120 minutes)
A woman wakes up in a cellar, fearing she has been abducted by a man who claims a chemical attack has left the outside world uninhabitable.
London Has Fallen(99 minutes)
While attending the British Prime Minister’s funeral, the world’s most powerful leaders are targeted as part of a deadly plot.
Pelé: Birth of a Legend(107 minutes)
Discover the story of how Brazilian footballing legend, Pele, rose from an impoverished childhood to lead Brazil to its first ever World Cup in 1958.
Oddball(95 minutes)
When persistent fox attacks threaten to close down a wild penguin sanctuary, a chicken farmer teams up with his granddaughter to save the penguins.
Man of Steel(136 minutes)
A young man journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent to Earth to do. Now, the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world.
The Descendants(115 minutes)
When his wife suffers a boating accident, Matt King tries to re-establish a relationship with his two daughters.
Couples Retreat(110 minutes)
Four couples head to an island resort for a holiday, only to discover they have to take part in the resort’s compulsory therapy sessions.
Batman Begins(140 minutes)
Bruce Wayne battles injustice through his alter-ego, Batman – a masked crusader who fights against the sinister forces that threaten Gotham City.
Prometheus(124 minutes)
A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe.
The Dark Knight Rises(164 minutes)
Eight years after Batman vanishes into the night, turning from hero to fugitive, a cunning cat burglar emerges with a mysterious agenda.
What Happens in Vegas(96 minutes)
Two strangers awaken together to discover they've gotten married following a night of debauchery in Las Vegas, and one of them has won a huge jackpot.
The Town(122 minutes)
Doug leads a ruthless gang of bank robbers. But when he tries to protect a female bank manager from harm, he is faced with an emotional dilemma.
Fever Pitch(104 minutes)
Lindsay is stuck in the middle of her relationship with Ben and his passion for the Boston Red Sox. The couple must decide if they will strike out or fight to keep love alive.
Trouble with the Curve(111 minutes)
When the ageing baseball scout Gus refuses to be benched, his daughter tries to help him face his new status and joins him on his latest scouting trip to North Carolina.
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!(86 minutes)
The elephant Horton is struggling to protect the inhabitants of a microscopic world from his neighbours who refuse to believe that it exists.
Robots(90 minutes)
With the help of his misfit mechanical friends, a small town robot named Rodney Copperbottom embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.
Big Hero 6(102 minutes)
When a disaster befalls San Fransokyo, Hiro transforms Baymax, the inflatable robot, and his friends into a band of high-tech heroes.
Nobunaga Concerto: The Movie(126 minutes)
As Azuchi Castle nears completion, Saburo discovers that Nobunaga, whom he has been impersonating, is fated to die soon.
Ip Man 3(105 minutes)
Martial arts master Ip Man is forced to protect his hometown when a crooked property developer attempts to seize control of local real estate.
A Man and a Woman(115 minutes)
After spending the night with a woman from Seoul, Ki-hong struggles to get her out of his mind and becomes determined to find her.
Perfetti sconosciuti(96 minutes)
After meeting for dinner, seven friends decide to share the content of every text message, e-mail and phone call they have received with each other.
Belles Familles(109 minutes)
When Jérôme stops off in Paris to see his mother and his brother, he discovers that their old family estate is at the heart of a local conflict.
Dilwale(154 minutes)
The children of two competing families meet again after a 15-year separation and look to overcome the violent conflict between their respective families.
WWW3 - El Harb El Alameya El Talta(105 minutes)
When the exhibits on display in a wax museum come to life, some of the historic figures decide to reclaim their former power by starting WW3.