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 Thai Airways International wins 2015 Best Economy Class

Thai Airways International (THAI) recently picked up the Best Economy Class award.
 “Thai Airways International offers some of the best value in Economy Class not only in the Asian region but throughout the airline industry. Their service is perfect, meals filling and frequent and the in-flight entertainment of superior quality,” said Mr Geoffrey Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of  “Thai Airways has always offered exceptional service, and the combination with cabin innovations of the Boeing 787 is a winning team,” added Mr Thomas.
A recent review by Sharon Petersen from THAI’s Economy Class on the 787 Dreamliner offers a great sense of space, wide sculptured ceilings, large windows with dimmers and less jetlag.  THAI is a major and equal player in the premium category of airlines.  With a world class in flight product, brand new state of the art aircraft and excellent value for money, it is keeping its competitors in this premium travel category ‘on their toes’.  THAI’s Economy Class on the 787 Dreamliner between Bangkok and Perth was a dream of a flight.
Seats and Cabin

Seat recline is a generous 6 inches, with a 32 inch pitch, a large size plush blanket, proper economy class pillow, and a foot rest.  In a time where every other airline is taking foot rests out to save on weight and fuel, the 20 per cent lower fuel burn on this aircraft allows little luxuries like this to creep back in to the economy cabin.  Mood lighting at all stages of the flight provided a feeling of space. In seat power is available between each seat and sits down near the floor.  There is a cup holder on the back of the seat in front of you so you don’t need to have your tray table down or hold your drink.
Food and beverages
The six and a half hour midnight flight from Bangkok, arriving into Perth just after 7am, includes two meals service and six beverage services.  Two hours before landing, ‘refreshment’ is served, but it was like another full meal.  The food was tasty served with stainless steel cutlery. Each meal was preceded with a hot towel service, something that only the top tier airlines still offer.  The reviewer was extremely impressed with the quality, regularity and efficiency of the food and beverage service and would go as far as to say it’s arguably one of the best. When you’re the last to be served on the plane but still get a choice and your meal is piping hot you know you’re flying with a class act.
Final word
Thai Airways International offers some of the best value in Economy Class not only in the Asian region but throughout the global airline industry. The service is perfect, meals filling and frequent and the inflight entertainment of superior quality. With blankets and pillows on every seat, foot rests and a generous seat recline you can be assured that you are getting ‘the best you can get’ in terms of Economy travel. Hand sensor flushing toilets, window shade control at the touch of a button and a wood look floor in the galley only added to what was already a modern and sophisticated aircraft.

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