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From Taipei to
Sale Period
Departure Day
Now - 26 September 2021 WED, FRI, SUN

從台北到 飛航期間 飛航日(星期)
曼谷    即日起-9月26日 三,五,日

* Terms and conditions of the fare will be varied upon the fare selection. Please check ticket terms and conditions at the time of booking.
* 機票使用規則與條款因選購的機票種類而有不同 ,請參考訂位過程中,頁面所顯示的 “購買條款” 。

** Existing tickets and ROP award tickets will be accepted on these flights. 
** 已持有的機票與蘭花會員哩程機票也可適用於這些航班。

*** THAI reserves the rights to change fares, date of travel and conditions without prior notice. 
*** 以上班機及票價等相關資訊, 泰航保留隨時調整及解釋的權利, 任何變更恕不另行公告。

**** THAI is currently offering limited inflight services for special charter and repatriation flights. Please note that inflight entertainment systems and other full service amenities will not be available on these flights.
**** 目前執飛的是特殊/撤僑的班機, 因此機上的娛樂設施和其他服務將會暫停提供, 衷心感謝您的諒解。