Travel in Royal First Class is also a personal culinary journey of exquisite flavors that can be tailored to individual tastes. It all begins with a flute of vintage champagne, your favorite cocktail, a glass of fine wine or a choice of soft drinks and juices. Dedicated Royal First Class cabin crew will attend to your every need, discretely and with attention to the smallest detail.

Along with its contemporary spirit, THAI continues a traditional luxury of serving fine caviar with condiments, prepared for each Royal First Class traveler once settled comfortably into their flight.

In flight dining begins with an amuse-bouche to tease the palate, followed by a variety of courses to choose from, delicate soup, exquisite salad an array of main courses that are often flight specific to match the culinary preferences of travelers, sumptuous cheeses pared with luscious fruits and rich deserts. A complete selection of beverages, including handpicked wine, fine spirit and aged cognac, are served throughout the culinary journey.

When departing from Bangkok, and selected international destinations, meals can be pre-ordered to ensure that preferred tastes and flavors are served inflight. Choices include dishes prepared for Asian or Western palates, a wide range of flavourful, traditional Thai choices, or meals with dietary restrictions, all with the highest quality ingredients and exceptional care in preparation and presentation to please all the senses.