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    THAI and THAI Smile Issue the spread of Covid-19 Preventive Measures


    Additional precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19

    Updated : 02 March 2020

    In order to increase passenger safety and confidence in service provision, the Company has implemented additional precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 through touchpoints that are strictly adhered to throughout inflight service on flights to high risk destinations, effective as of 2 March 2020 onwards until the situation improves. These additional measures are:

    - No pillow and blanket service onboard flights

    - No hot and cold towel service in Royal First Class and Royal Silk Class, replace by a disposable cold towel for single use only

    Since the epidemic began, the Company continues to place importance on Covid-19 infection prevention through aircraft fumigation in the passenger cabin, cockpit, and deep cleaning of the aircraft upon return from high risk destinations.


    THAI and THAI Smile Issue Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Preventive Measures

    Updated : 28 January 2020

    THAI’s primary concern is in the areas of passenger services and public hygiene, maintaining high standards of inflight cleanliness and ground services that includes passenger screening upon arrival and departure, maintaining cabin hygiene of inflight service equipment, and staff.  The Company has issued the following measures:

    1. Passenger screening and ground service measures
    - Passengers will be screened at service areas and those who exhibit related symptoms will be reported to airport physicians on duty who will perform a health inspection to confirm if the passenger is fit to fly.

    2. Inflight service measures
    - Cabin crew must wear face masks and gloves on flights to and from high risk areas
    - Passengers are prohibited from touching inflight catering equipment
    - Lavatories must be cleaned more frequently during flights
    - Provide face masks to passengers exhibiting related symptoms
    - During the flight, passengers are to be observed for possible symptoms and advise the international infectious disease control unit prior to arrival if passengers exhibit related symptoms
    3. Aircraft preparation and disinfection measures
    - Spray disinfectant in the passenger cabin and cockpit on all flights returning from the People’s Republic of China and high risk destinations
    - The aircraft is to undergo disinfection for a total of 45 minutes beginning from the moment that the last cabin crew member disembarks the aircraft, whereby the aircraft must be sprayed with disinfectant solution for 15 minutes and then closed for an incubation period of 30 minutes.
    - Use the HEPA filter for air filtration

    4. Aircraft interior cleaning measures and employee hygiene
    - Deep cleaning and clean 36 touch points into five areas:
    1. Passenger Seat Pocket
    2. Aircraft Interior Cabin
    3. Passenger Seats
    4. Galley
    5. Toilets
    Implementation as follows:
    1. Employees must strictly adhere to wearing face masks and gloves
    2. Garbage bags must be tightly secured before removal from the aircraft and be properly disposed
    3. Employees must wash hands thoroughly with soap or antibacterial hand gel in the work process

    5. Employee preventive and precautionary measures
    - Educate employees about the disease symptoms and prevention and avoiding panic
    - Prepare Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and necessary materials for employees
    - Should the physician on duty deem necessary, a medical check-up will be provided to employees who exhibit related symptoms and will be put on sick leave for the duration of illness

    6. Cargo and commercial mail transportation measures
    - All shipments are to be inspected according to standards
    - Avoid transporting high risk shipments
    - Ensure that the cargo warehouse remains hygienic and disease free

    7. Meal preparation measures
    - Purchase raw materials with GAP certification
    - Meal production based on HACCP, GMP, and HALAL safety standards
    - All catering meal preparation utensils and service-related tools and equipment must be cleaned and pasteurized
    - Linens used in inflight service provision must be hygienically laundered

    THAI and THAI Smile are in close coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand on this matter and with regards to preventive measures.


    THAI Ground Equipment Services Department Increases Coronavirus Measure.

    Updated : 30 January 2020

    The Ground Equipment Services Department of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), with passenger hygiene as its top priority, increased measures on cleaning and providing staff preventive appliances to handle the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus 2019 and to gain passengers’ confidence. Measures for passenger buses, micro buses, and invalid hi-lift trucks are as follows;

    1. Make an announcement to inform drivers about Coronavirus and preventative approaches,
    2. Prepare hand gel, surgical masks, cleaning liquid, and gloves for drivers,
    3. Require drivers to wear gloves while cleaning the handrail and other touch points in the bus with cleaning liquid before its next service trip,
    4. Require drivers to wear surgical masks while driving for passengers’ safety and confidence in THAI service.


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